Monday, September 27, 2010

capitol fog

The walk to work this morning could not have been better.

Well, it could be.  I could be enjoying retirement, instead.  But everything else was a Goldilocks morning.

The temperature was 60.  Nice shirt sleeve weather.

More like an early summer morning.  No nip of fall.   Just right for sitting outside drinking coffee and eating croissants.  As some are wont to do.

When I left the house, the sky was perfectly clear.  And the sun was just beginning to peek over the Cascades.

Despite the warm morning weather, though, it is fall.  By the time I started walking through the state government campus, an autumn fog rolled in from the Willamette.

My walks to work are starting to become utilitarian.  How I get from A to Q.  As a result, I am losing my pedestrian instinct to enjoy my surroundings.

Today was no different.  My head was already at work.  But, as I walked past a fellow drudge, he looked past me with a bit of amazement in his eyes.

I turned around to see one of those sights that makes walking a joy.  The sun was just above the horizon shining through the fog around the Capitol dome -- reflecting everything in a fountain pool.

One of those moments that remind me that Oregon is great place to live.

And there I was without my camera.  But my BlackBerry can operate as a camera.  So, shoot I did.

The resolution is bad.  Flat.  You cannot see the depth of the fog and the interplay of light on the water.  My Panasonic could have done justice to the shot.

But most things we photograph reside in our minds, not in our photographs.  And that is where this one will live.

Not a bad way to start a Monday morning.



Jane said...

Large ponds near my house, where fall’s crimson leaves reflect on warmer days, and mist rises from still waters on cool days, and eventually become so thick that I imagine dinosaurs in the midst, remind me that everything was planned so perfectly beautiful.

Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

I think the pic turned out just fine. I often biked over the river in the fog on my way to work and by the end of the day it was pure sunshine. Hopefully, that's what you'll see today!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic picture. You are right, Oregon is a wonderful place to live. Beauty abounds everywhere. Whether at the coast, in the mountains, or the desert. You can have sunshine, rain or snow. Take your choice.


NWexican said...

All said and done I am waiting for the daily updates and pics from south of the border. I've seen enough of beautiful Salem... So when ya leavin?

Steve Cotton said...

Jane -- An elephant could have come out of the pond this morning, and I would not have been shocked.

Cynthia -- Indeed! The sun came out in mid-morning.

Mom -- Oregon offers a lot. So does Mexico.

NWexican -- 10 November. And it draws nigh.

Tancho said...

Hey Amigo, I would hold of on croissants. One Ok, but two? You really need to get back to Mexico and fast....
Next thing you are going to lapse into wanting to extend your work contact...
Just think of how much time you have misplaced missing the hot humid beach...
SMA is calling....