Saturday, July 12, 2014

big moon over bend

Actually, it will be a big moon everywhere.  Or, at least the illusion of a big moon.

As big as the moon appeared last night, it will even seem larger tonight.  So say the astronomers.

Of course, the press has jumped on this with the same fervor of its usual misleading headlines.  Such as, that salt universally causes high blood pressure.  But this event gets its own title -- Super Moon.  I suppose it could have been worse.  Moonzilla.  Apocamoon.  Moonania. 

From an astronomical standpoint, it is a big deal.  I suspect my friend Dennis Miller will have his telescope trained on it.

Bob Dole was the minority leader in the Senate the last time the moon was both as bright and as close to the Earth as the moon will be tonight. That was 1993.

Brighter and closer, of course, are relative terms, not absolutes.  The moon will be 20% brighter and 15% larger than a regular full moon.  If you have ever adjusted an image on your computer to be 20% brighter and 15% larger, you will see the problem.

It is mainly hype.  But it is great blog material.  And it will give all of us an opportunity to now do our own adulterated lunar study tonight.  It will seem brighter and larger because we want it to be that way.  Plus, The Authorities have told us what we will perceive.

Once the cerebral experiment fails to excite, I suggest you grab a loved one and enjoy the sight together.  After all, whether the moon appears brighter and larger is not really the point, is it? 

The point is to enjoy the beautiful things in life as they come along -- and always with a friend.

Happy viewing.

Note -- The photograph obviously is not of tonight's moon.  It was the last night's moon over Bend.  A sub-super moon, I guess.  And I watched it all alone.  So much for my advice.

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