Monday, December 22, 2014

no chestnuts, but plenty of bells

Yesterday evening kicked off the Christmas season here in Barra de Navidad.

That is a bit of a lie.  Like everywhere else in Christendom, where the birth of Jesus is being celebrated, the glitter that obfuscates that purpose started long ago.  Even here on the beach.

Things changed yesterday.  You know Mexicans are treating an event seriously when a parade or procession snakes its way through town -- with people attired in costumes that would get them banned from an international air flight.

That is what happened here.  We held our Christmas parade -- starting from my house and ending up in the town square.

I knew Christmas was approaching when our sole street decoration was suspended across the main road in my part of town.  You heard me correct.  Just one.  In places like San Miguel de Allende, the streets are festooned with similar decorations.  We tend to be a bit more subdued.

I suspect a Christian, popping in for a visit from Kyrgyzstan or some such place, would immediately recognize the symbolism.  Bells.  Ribbons.  Red and green.

There is nothing particularly Christian about any of those alone.  But, together, they spell a message that transcends cultures.

I will tell you more about the parade.  Probably tomorrow.  But it is well past midnight -- and my bed calls.

I doubt these bells will wake me in the morning.

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