Sunday, December 28, 2014

the conquered and the conqueror are one

I need a better editor.

Several of you have acted as my post-publication editors.  Pointing out obvious gaffes I should have caught before hitting the "publish" button.

I am talking about a pre-publication editor.  Someone who can look at my essays and ask: "Can this one wait?  Something may happen to challenge your conclusions."

Well, it has happened again.  If you recall, at the start of this month, I pontificated in riding with cortés that Mexico would never celebrate the arrival of the Spanish, under Hernán Cortés, even though their arrival was a major event in making Mexico what it is today.

Yesterday morning's newpaper proved me wrong.  There it was on the front page of La Cebolla Mexicana:  "President Appoints Commission to Honor Cortés."

"President Enrique Peña Nieto announced on Friday that he was creating a commission to develop a celebration of the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico.  He has charged the commission to create appropriate ceremonies to honor the Spanish, especially their leader, Hernán Cortés.

"'Too many small things divide us today.  But we are one people.  We share the same blood.  And part of that blood came to Mexico with the Spanish.

"'We were once two different people.  Hernán Cortés and Malinche, together started the process of Mestizaje.  Through their son, Martín, we are one people.  A new people.  A proud people.  We are Mexico.

"'For those who seek to divide us, through foreign influences and divisive politics, let me remind them who we are.  We are sons and daughters of Aztec warriors and Spanish lords.  We are strong.  We are one.'"

"The commission will consist of members from each of the political parties, and descendants of both Cortés and Cuauhtémoc, the last Aztec emperor.  The noted Mexican historian, Lucas Ignacio Alamán y Escalada, will act as the commission's historical adviser. 

Alamán noted: 'The first task will be to determine which dates to celebrate.  Unlike the dates for Mexico's declaration of independence and the start of the revolution, there is no consensus on which day should be used as the target date.'"

So, there you have it.  I thought it couldn't happen.  But it is. 

After all, on a day like this, everything is possible.

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