Friday, July 15, 2016

breaking the rules

Blogger rule #2 clearly states: "No two consecutive posts can be on the same topic."

Well, I am here to tell you that I am breaking that rule. (For you law and order types, don't worry. I made up the rule in the first place.)

Come to think of it, I have already broken that rule. a tale of two cynics and the dog that did bark were purportedly essays on our senses and watchfulness. But, we all know that is mere justification (and not the theological type). They were about Barco.

Two consecutive posts. Same topic. Rule violation.

On Wednesday, I told you in spinning the wheel with karma miranda about a culinary treat at Magnolia's: a beef sandwich with fried plantains instead of bread -- what Theresa Diaz Gray informs us is called a jibarito. Even though I tried to tart up the essay as my flight from boredom, it was clearly about food.

And so is today's entry. But, food that came from my own kitchen.

There is not a soul alive who cannot deny their kitchen produces the best food in town. And for good reason. We tend to cook dishes that appeal to our personal taste.

That is what I did last night. Butchers in Mexico are very accommodating. Most meats on offer are still in large pieces, and the butchers are willing to slice your requested purchase as thick or thin as you like.

For me, it was a stack of pork chops -- each cut about two inches thick. I was looking for a pork loin strip, but I settled for the chops.

The pork was destined for a very simple stir fry dish. Pork strips. Thinly-sliced red onion. Shredded fresh basil. Toasted pine nuts. Balsamic vinegar. All topping a pile of pasta.

Usually, I put a lot of vegetables in my stir fry. Not last night. I was after simplicity with the pork.

But I did have a nice stack of fresh vegetables. Two jalapeños. Two bell peppers: one red, one yellow. Fresh ginger. Carrots. Garlic. Onions. Water chestnuts. With a nice dash of rice vinegar.

There is something about experimenting in the kitchen that I really enjoy -- especially when the experiment produces a successful meal. And it certainly did yesterday.

Barco and I ate our respective dinners in the courtyard surrounded by the sounds of water splashing in the pool and birds high-tailing it home before they became some predators supper.

I am where I need to be.


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