Friday, July 01, 2016

recovering the tune

I am off to celebrate Canada Day with some friends -- from Canada, of course. I am their American pet.

In 1986, my friends, Ken and Patti Latsch, and I attended the Expo in Vancouver together. My strongest memory of the whole event was the Canadian Pavilion with its Goose and Beaver Show. (I kid you not. Who says Canadians do not have a naughty sense of humor -- or is that humour? I forget.)

One of the productions (one that worked, that is; most of the films simply broke down faster than a Soviet watch) was a movie celebrating Canada's people and scenery. I was entranced with the music. In fact, I left the theater humming the tune -- and it came back to me periodically over the years.

Well, this is the day (back in 1867) when the province of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia joined together to form the Dominion of Canada -- part of the British Empire. Even though its constitution remained under the authority of the Queen, the day is often celebrated as Canada's birthday. Compared to the American birth, it was a quiet affair.

Thirty years after attending Expo, I have found the missing song. On YouTube, of course. I wish I hadn't. It is as trite and mundane as a Disney production. But that may just be the compliment nostalgia pays to reality.

I will let you write your own review.

By the way, happy birthday, Canadians.

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