Friday, September 08, 2017

let a smile be your umbrella

Mexpatriate has a new set for its newsroom.

Of course, it looks a lot like the old set. That is, the old set before tropical depression/storm Jova (née Franklin) reduced it to shredded wheat (gone with the wind).

My former landlady, Christine, asked me if I needed a replacement. I did. She was driving to Manzanillo to order some for our friend Anne. She knew a master builder of umbrellas. And it turns out he is quite the craftsman.

Yesterday, it arrived. For $2,000 (Mx), I am now the owner of a pool of shade in my patio. And it is greatly appreciated. Our rain usually overwhelms the umbrella fabric. So, sitting out in monsoons is not an option.

But, the majority of time, we need some relief from the unrelenting summer sun. September and October usually create the largest challenges.

I am now ready to fight back. And, as it should be, I am writing this directly to you from under my new portable shade tree.

The rain over the past week had caused me to retreat to either the library, the kitchen, or my bedroom. It is good to be outdoors again. After all, that was one of the minor reasons for moving to Mexico -- to enjoy the sun on the beach (or near the beach).

It would have been a shame to miss out on using the umbrella for the only full day I have left before climbing on my Alaska flights to Portland.

If you are curious about what happened to the old umbrella, stop by tomorrow. By then, even I may know.

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