Wednesday, September 13, 2017

life is a circus

If you want to get my attention, just say the word "circus." Not even "sex" will get a bigger reaction.

I have been a fan of the traditional circus since I was a young lad. My brother and a couple of friends put together a neighborhood circus when I was in the sixth grade -- complete with a parade and band, highly-trained animal acts (our dog Buttons and cat Kit-Kat -- we were not very original with our pet names), an overly-unctuous magician (me), and a few faltering acrobats. I even had the dream of one day owning a circus.

With the demise of Barnum and Bailey, the universe of circuses has greatly diminished. I often wonder if the homeless population is not merely out-of-work trapezists and clowns.

Fortunately, I have found an even-better alternative. On a trip to Las Vegas a couple of decades ago, I had a few extra hours, so I decided to drop into a show. Mystère.

I had never heard of Cirque du Soleil. But I was certainly about to make a life-long acquaintance.

That evening turned out to be one of the mosti entertaining of my life. I felt as if I had found a lost world I had once inhabited. The act that sealed the romance was a simple trapeze act with the acrobats dressed in costumes with flowing ribbons. When they would drop and spin on straps, the effect was mesmerizing.

Well, I am about to enter the world of Cirque du Soleil again tonight. Kurios, this time.

I have not read up on it. I prefer to take my Cirque du Soleil straight and rare. Reading the advertisement material takes away much of the mystery for me.  I am one of those people who lives for surprises.

Tonight, I will leave my ring master's hat at home and aspire to be nothing more than the most impotrant person in any cast -- Member of the Audience.

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