Thursday, December 28, 2017

touring costalegre -- ancient ruins

Coincidence is a traveler’s friend.

The day Robin arrived in Mexico, the local chapter of the Federal Relations of Archaeological Undertakings and Development announced a new archaeological site in San Patricio.

”New” is the wrong word. Everyone knew it was there. But few knew of its significance.

”For years, local legend told us this complex was modern,” announced Professor Gilberto Nombre Falso, director of the project. “The legend was wrong.”

For the past five years Professor Nombre Falso has chaired a committee investigating the provenance of the large building that sits on the beach in San Patricio.

”This is a rare find. When we realized the structure is not modern, we dug several test holes around the property. We can now say to an archaeological certainty that the structure is pre-Columbian.

'”The presence of shaft tombs gives a potential date for the surrounding complex of 1500 BC. The multi-story structure is most likely from a later period.

”And we are not certain of the building's purpose. It has some elements of a palace -- ceremonial walkways, a large central assembly room. Or maybe a temple. But it also has a series of rectangular rooms that all look out on the Pacific Ocean. We think they serbved some religious purpose. Most likely, sun worship.

”A petroglyph on the west end of the structure is evidence that the people who built this ‘temple’ may have believed the Quetzalcoatl myth. If that is true, we may now have an answer to the question that has plagued anthropologists for years: What happened to the people of Teotihuacan? Maybe they moved from the Mexican highlands to enjoy the beach."

When asked if the site would be reconstructed, Dr. Nombre Falso responded: "That is a question people have been asking for years. But I am certain everything will be clear on 28 December. That is a special day in Mexico. You do know that, don't you?"

By now, I think we do.

May you walk joyfully through the Day of the Innocents.

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