Friday, December 28, 2007

what excites me -- for now

Circumstances may change, but presence makes the difference.

Nancy and Paul posted a list on their blog entitled What We're Excited About. I thought it would be appropriate for me to post a similar list. One big difference is that they had decided where they were going to live and buy property when they posted theirs. I still have several scouting trips to complete before I know where I am going to start my life as a serial renter. And all of that is to say that I am probably far more at the whim of circumstances than I would ever admit.

For obvious reasons, mine is a work in progress -- even though I suspect several of the items are universals.

  • university nearby

  • archaeological sites within driving distance

  • central location for other archaeological sites

  • warm, sunny days; cool nights

  • new acquaintances -- some with a love of food

  • the challenge of a new language

  • time to read; time to learn; time to rest

  • daily learning to survive

  • facing mountains of difficulties -- and being repeatedly crushed

  • long walks with Professor Jiggs before breakfast and after sunset

  • living outside of a car

  • offering help to others

  • graciously accepting help from others

On this topic, I truly welcome comments. I realize much of this is personal. But I have already altered the list as I have learned from each of you.


Nancy said...

If you want Universities, arch. sites and good weather, I'd suggest you check out Cuernavaca!

Michael Dickson said...

Pátzcuaro meets all of those desires. Morelia, just 40 minutes away, is a university town. Actually, Morelia itself meets those desires.

I visited Cuernavaca only once. It was a big disappointment. I think there is a reason it is not a major draw for Gringo retirees.

Steve Cotton said...

Nancy --

I have looked at Cuernavaca, but it is too close to Mexico City. By the way, I received my copy of "Mazatlan is Paradise" today. It looks like a quick read. Thanks for the suggestion. Mlre information is always helpful.

Alan said...

I read your list with much interest and many thoughts. From the perspective of being retired for the last eight years I have found the last items on your list are high on my list of things to do, from an eternal view. When I retired, I was seeking what would make ME "happy" and now looking back and towards the future, I am realizing what satisfies the deepest longings of my soul is what makes an eternal difference. Blessings as you meditate through the list. Remember "the best laid plans of men..."

Steve Cotton said...
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Steve Cotton said...

Michael --

Drafting lists is often nothing more than restating a decision already made. I seem to be describing Pátzcuaro with my list. My next visit will determine whether I am in love from afar or whether it is the real thing.

Al --

Thank you for your very kind comments. I need to remind myself that writing something is not the same thing as living it. As I mentioned in an earlier post: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."