Saturday, May 16, 2009

the sun also sets

Melaque had a sunset tonight.

Well, of course, the sun sets every night in Melaque. But tonight we had one of the first magnificent sunsets of the spring-summer season.

During the past month, the sunsets were fine. But they were a bit like a German Expressionist play. All script. No stage set.

For a tropical sunset to be stunning, the sky needs to be generally clear. But scattered clouds are as necessary as a telephone in a production of Sleuth.

That reflected light, as the sun slips below the horizon, needs something to -- reflect off of.

We have started seeing more of those clouds. Enough that it is apparent our season is quickly changing to summer.

And summer means rain. Lots of rain. Or, at least four months of it.

Without the rain, this part of the world would be referred to as a desert in the tropics, and not as a "jungle" -- though I find that term to be just as misleading.

The rains have already started in the central highlands. And they will soon follow here.

Unfortunately, for sunset watchers, steady rains are worse than the bland Brechtian sunsets without clouds.

But there will be some stunners, and I will pass them along as they occur.

For now, I will sit here like the good audience member I am -- and take what is offered to me on this little stage of Melaque.


Anonymous said...

I've been told by locals that they look forward to the lluvia, it's some relief from the heat. I'm sure the sunsets you describe will be stunning. Here in Michigan a sunrise is a sight to see, as we almost always have some clouds at dawn.

Steve Cotton said...

Salem had some great sunrises, as well. But nothing to match the beauties here in the tropics.

Beth said...

I love watching the sun rise over Mt. Jefferson and then set over the west hills in South Salem. Your sunset looks ok, too.

I picture you sitting in your backyard, maybe sipping on a diet coke with lime, and breathing it all in.

Your adventure continues!

Steve Cotton said...

Mornings on the deck. Afternoons on the patio. evenings on the patio. So many choices. But Coke Light goes well at every locale.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

beautiful, fleeting, daily ... a lesson in stopping for a few moments before it is gone

Jonna said...

Nice picture. I loved the sunsets on the west coast. When the rains start you will find the reason for those high curbs in town.

Steve Cotton said...

AMM -- A daily reminder to live the moment and enjoy it -- because it will never happen again.

Steve Cotton said...

Jonna -- When I was here last July, I discovered the meaning of "tropical torrent." One night I hoped that Noah would pop around with extra space on his ark. The locals said it was just a little storm.

Anonymous said...

If a sunset happens, and there is no one there to see it, does it still have color?