Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a-tisket, a-tasket

Today, I am off to Manzanillo -- to do two major things.

There is a general rule for expatriates in Mexico: You can do one major thing in a day; but try two, and you will accomplish neither.

I know I am tempting fate. But I bet it I can do it.

Major Task #1. Pick up my duly-registed FM3.

When we last left this portion of our continuing saga (
visaless in melaque) two weeks ago, I had driven to Manzanillo with my FM3 acquired at the Mexican Consulate in Portland. My goal was to register my presence at my new home address.

After filling out two forms, handing over my officially-approved photographs, and providing copies of my Constancia de Domicilio and passport, the very nice young woman kept my FM3 booklet and told me to return in two weeks.

That is today. And I am returning.

Even though I was told that I do not need to bring any other documents with me today, I am taking my full file -- and plenty of copies.

The office opens at 9. I intend to be there by 8:30.

I expect to have my FM3 before high noon.

But more importantly, I hope to be reunited with Professor Jiggs tomorrow. He is still with the veterinarian in Manzanillo. This is Major Task #2.

And on this topic, we have a guest columnnist.
New Beginnings in Manzanillo has been keeping personal tabs on the Good Professor. Here is her report from Monday.

I went and saw Jiggs today. He has a new haircut - very short and now looks like a cute golden lab. When I arrived at the vet, he was laying on the floor behind the main desk. He is always with the vet and his wife - in the vet office or in their house in the evenings. His temperature is back to normal and he is no longer panting like he was. The vet says he is doing better - his respiration is much better. The X-rays are going to be later this afternoon. I told him that we would be coming tomorrow to
pick him up.

The vet and I took him for a short walk....about half a block. He has been taking him for short walks 4 times a day. In the morning, he said Jiggs likes to walk longer because it is much cooler. He said they walked almost 2km this morning........wow.

So, there we have it. Jiggs has once again risen from the ashes. From now on, I should call him Professor Phoenix.

Of course, that would only confuse both of us.

There is the ssue of what the x-rays will show. But Jiggs and I can deal with that when it arises.

Two tasks --of this nature -- are not going to be too difficult to accomplish.


Unknown said...

I'm so happy for you Steve. My last pet in the US was a beautiful tabby. He was very old, and quit eating and drinking despite vet assistance. I didn't think he'd live. The vet tried one more thing. . . and the next morning he was meowing for more food and water. I dubbed him "Lazaro," for the few short months he remained with me. He even had days of running around that were amazing. Best wishes to you both.

Steve Cotton said...

Laurie -- The will do live in some animals is amazing. Thanks for your continued best wishes and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I wish you luck with your two tasks....where I live, the folks at immigration always say "Come back in two weeks." No matter that it is just a stock phrase and has no basis in reality.

Having the professor home will brighten your day.

Steve Cotton said...

Anonymous -- Having my FM3 will brighten my day; having Jiggs home will fill a hole in my life. Thanks for your good wishes.

Felipe Zapata said...

I see two things here:

1. The vet´s personal care of the pooch reflects medical care in general in Mexico. It is far nicer than you will receive north of the border. Cheaper too.

2. What you are doing regarding your visa seems to indicate that you achieved nothing of note by getting your FM3 before moving down. Back when I had to get visas, I recall I pretty much had to do what you are now doing in Manzanillo. So you are just repeating the job.

Great news about Jiggs. Maybe he just needed a haircut after all.

Islagringo said...

I agree. If you come home with your FM3 today, I will be amazed and wish I lived where you do! Nice to hear about the Professor doing so well.

Julian Foster said...

Good luck on your "taskets" today. Of the two I would prefer that Jiggs accompany you home. I've enjoyed reading your entire blog over the last couple of weeks and am now "up to date" with events.

I haven't been to Mexico for any length of time but have been to Belize a couple of times and enjoyed it immensely. One of the best parts is that English is the official language... believe me, that helps!! The slow governmental grind is about the same there from what I've seen and read. I wonder if the heat or the culture or both contribute. I believe the "power of the stamp" that you have referred to earlier is exactly right!

I wish you and the Professor all the best and we'll keep checking!

Take care,

Julian Foster (Upstate SC)

Frankly Ronda said...

New Beginnings in Manzanillo - wow what a friend! Kudos to her!!

Leslie Harris (de Limon) said...

So very glad to hear that the Professor is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

should have read your post before e-mailing you. sounds like the old prof is doing so much better-i'm so happy to hear that. how great that the vet would take him for that many walks-and that jiggs was able to go 2 km-wow! sounds like you've definitely found the right vet.

have a great day steve.

Carole said...

I'm totally impressed that Jiggs is getting such personal attention in his time of need. We live in San Antonio TX and have a vet with that kind of bedside manner. They recently had a young pup suffering heart failure that needed daily removal of fluid build-up and the dog had the run of the clinic, at least. That's the kind of thing that makes you know a vet is the quality above and beyond what his responsibilities are and the kind you want to have for your own pets.

Brenda Maas said...

Good luck with both.

Anonymous said...

Steve...I'm sure Jiggs is anxiously awaiting your arrival. And, it sounds like he may yet be able to enjoy walks with you around the laguna. Happy thoughts being sent your way from Canada!

1st Mate said...

Steve - you really scored with that vet! Looking forward to a picture of Jiggs in his new haircut, taking a little walk on your beach.

Steve Cotton said...

Felipe -- Without doubt, Jiggs is getting incredibly personal care. The vet let him sleep in his bedroom. As for the FM3, I am glad I went through the process in Portland. Just having it in hand when I crossed the border was a feeling of accomplishment.

Islandgringo -- I will not spoil my post for tomorrow morning. But, in my world, every day is a good day.

Julian Foster --= When I started looking around for a place to retire, my sister-in-law suggested Belize -- for the weather and the English. I dropped it from my list for two reasons: 1) it was simply too far for driving, and 2) the corruption was too rampant. From everything I have heard since, I made a wise choice. But, being able to more effectively communicate would be nice.

AMM -- New Beginnings is literally a gift from God. Without her, I am not certain I would have been able to navigate this issue. Kudos, indeed!

Leslie Limon -- More tomorrow.

Teresa -- This vet has been great for Jiggs. It is taking me time to adjust to the "no-pills is better" method of teatment. But he has my full trust. Wait util you see Jiggs's new haircut.

Carole -- Any vet who is willing to turn his house and bedroom over to my dog is a saint.

Brenda -- Thanks. We can sill use some of that good fortune. We are not yet out of the woods.

Steve Cotton said...

1st Mate -- You will get a photograph of Jiggs's crew cut tomorrow. But, not yet, on the beach.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read Prof Jiggs is doing better. I agree with the others that you have found an especially attentive Vet and a special amiga in NBinM. I too was glad I had my FM3 in hand when I crossed in Nuevo Laredo. My F-350 (full size cab, 8 foot bed was packed and I was trailering my boat (packed also).
Saludos Senor,

Steve Cotton said...

Francisco -- I am glad to hear you thought the FM3 travail was worth the effort in the States. My chief concern was not being able to produce something down here that I could easily obtain in Oregon. And it worked out fine.

mdoneil said...

I couldn't be more pleased that the distinguished Professor is feeling better.

I couldn't walk 2km in the heat! Jiggs is in better shape than I.

Thanks to you too Steve. Your good fortune in Mexico has convinced me that I've made the correct decision by moving my plan to retire to Mexico up a few years Dow Jones willing.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

This was the best news possible! Lazaro I think is Spanish for Lazarus. But the Prof suits him since he has many more lessons to teach you and now the time to do so!
I am very happy right for you.

Anonymous said...

If Jigg's hair is really short, don't give him too much sunshine.

GlorV1 said...

Steve that definitely was the best news today! I am so happy that Mr. Jiggs aka Phoenix is coming home tomorrow. I bet he is going to be so happy to see you, he will give you lots of kisses and say to you, "take me home daddy." Ah I feel good now knowing that he is coming home. Gods speed and my happiness for you both is travelling across this nation in hopes of reaching you both. Take care. pictures, pictures, pictures.

BoBo's Mom said...

Best of luck with the X-ray. We are keeping our fingers crossed for both of you. I cannot wait to see his new haircut. Do post photos.

Steve Cotton said...

Mdoneil -- Even with the complications (and they would have haoppened here or in Oregon), I am pleased that I decided to move south. Where I end up will be a different question.

Theresa -- Jiggs has much more to teach me. I am just not certain how much more time he will have to do the instructing. But I will enjoy each day as it comes.

Anonymous -- It is far too short to let him out in anything other than the early morning or evening. But he is content to stay in the shade during the day -- in any event.

Steve Cotton said...

Gloria -- You will have a photograph of Jiggs tomorrow morning.

BoBo's Mom -- New Beginnings and I discussed BoBo this morning. Jiggs and BoBo will not be confused, not with Jiggs's new hairdo. I am off now to get my own cut. I can't let Jiggs have all the attention.

Holly said...

Steve, I'm still here and still following your daily notes. I've been holding my breath about Jiggs. I'm glad you have New Beginnings in Manzanillo to lean on and be of help. Thank you New Beginnings.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A vet who will walk Jiggs 2 km? You really have a find on your hands.

Best of luck. We are all rooting for Jiggs,

Kim G
Boston, MA
Where vets barely have time to talk on the phone and can't be reached directly.

Larry in Mazatlan said...

"I am not certain I would have been able to navigate this issue."

Of course you could have, and you're exactly where I was three years ago. I was a little uncertain and starting to question my wisdom. But it passed. And it will for you too. Within a couple of years you will look back on this and chuckle about what a "fraidy cat" you were. You're going to be surprised at how fast your self confidence grows.

The trick is to force yourself to step out there and make the attempt. And always remind yourself, "it is what it is" and to "go with the flow."


Steve Cotton said...

Holly -- She has been a true blessing.

Kim -- Jiggs not only has a friend in his vet, he has an advocate. When I talked with the vet today, he laid down some very strict guidelines. Jiggs and I can follow them. It is nice to have someone helping lead us through the woods.

Lary -- You are correct. If I had to do it alone, I would have. But it has been extremely nice to have someone sharing the emotional baggage with me in person. That has been a blessing.

Steve Cotton said...

Anonymous -- Sorry I missed responding to your comment. It turns out that Jiggs is so comfortable staying with the vet, he was not concerned when I left him there this morning. But I am certain he will be ready to head home on Thursday.