Friday, May 01, 2009


Another Mexico bloggers meeting.

You weren't there? It was great. Thursday evening on the beach at La Manzanilla. Sunset time.

A veritable Mary Poppins event -- practically perfect in every way.

American Mommy in Mexico, her husband, and their two sons were in La Manzanilla on a brief road trip. I missed seeing them on our trip down earlier in the month.

When she told me they would be staying a short drive north of us, I jumped at the chance to have dinner with them.

But that almost did not happen either -- due to the swine flu hysteria. My favorite restaurant took the order of the Governor of Jalisco very seriously when he said inside restaurants should be shut down. This being Mexico, there is always a solution. The owner moved the tables on to the beach.

So we dined -- along with the author of
Visit LaManzanilla and her son.

Three bloggers makes a quorum in my book.

We talked about what makes some blogs more interesting than others -- and what makes some bloggers more interesting than others. And why the two categories differ.

I have followed American Mommy's blog for almost the full year that her family has been in Mexico. Their two sons are going to have a year's worth of memories that they will cherish.

As I sat at the table with my brother, I realized just how much the two boys are like Darrel and me at that age. I am not certain that their parents found that revelation to be very reassuring. Maybe they should talk to Our Mother.

I can hear
Islagringo asking: "So, where are the photographs?" Cameras were present. Photographs were taken.

But this was a private gathering, where names are changed to protect the innocent. Those who want photographs will just have to search us out.

I do have a confession. We stayed and talked until well after sunset. That meant that the 30 minute drive back to Melaque was in the dark.

If you have never driven that short piece of highway, you have missed an interesting experience. It reminds me almost exactly of the Powers-Myrtle Point road in Oregon. Let's just say I am glad to be back to the house.

Speaking of the house, the blogger table was interested in seeing more photographs of the house. What say ye? Interested? It is a wish easily granted.

But easily granted -- later. 


Calypso said...

Of course we want more photos of the house hombre - quit pandering ;-)

Anonymous said...

So, share a bit...what makes a blog interesting and what makes a blogger interesting and when might these two groups not intersect?


Frankly Ronda said...

Yes was a terrific gathering indeed. So glad ya'll made it back safely - another item to the list of adventures!

Frankly Ronda said...


I will put myself out there a bit on your question.

I think my blog is interesting in that it chronicles how a typical middle class family from the USA moves and lives in MX for 1 year. There are lots of interesting adventures from being in a 3rd world country to how do we pay the bills to how are the schools to how children pick up Spanish. On and on. Daily life that is interesting because it is not the usual path.

What I am not is a gifted writer. I write well enough and with some humor but I will not quit my day job. That category goes to Felipe and Midwesterner in Mexico - clearly gifted writers!

I could write about all my favorite bloggers for many varied reasons. But that would go on and on.

My Blog will end when we leave Mexico because then I am just another family living the path well taken.

Holly C said...

Yes, more pictures of the house! It will allow us to picture you in your new habitat! I've become almost a daily reader. I still love the hammock picture! I'm just floored at the trouble finding an available vet. You've been checking for over a week now! What do people do in an emergency?!?!

Anonymous said...

Of course!

1st Mate said...

You're right about that stretch of road: I've only been on it in the daylight, and because of all the twists and bends it's a lot longer than the crow flies, and more challenging.

Photos of the house? Yes, please!

Tancho said...

Get use to driving the roads in the dark, otherwise you will never go anywhere unless you fit a "road driving window of time".
It really is not that often you can hit a cow or horse on the road, maybe once or twice a year......

Steve Cotton said...

Calypso -- I am a trained, professional panderer.

Charley -- Like our identities, our conclusions are confidential. But I am willing to bet your list would be similar to ours. But see AMM's comment.

AMM -- The drive was not that bad. But one cow could have ruined the evening.

Holly -- More house photographs to come. I just need to get around here and do it.

Anonymous -- I get your drift.

1st Mate -- The road is a challenge, and certainly not boring.

Constantino -- You make a very good point. I was thinking the same thing at dinner last night. If I start worrying about driving in the dark, I am going to restrict my life far too much. I will be in danger of becoming a flu hysteric.

Babs said...

Yes I've driven that stretch many times. I don't get car sick, except on that stretch of road!
NEVER drive at night, never, in my humble opinion and 40 years of experience........

Steve Cotton said...

Ah, Babs. There are few things to which never applies. But I have one: Never do anything twice.

dcp said...

Steve......enjoyed reading your blog.....DOUG

Islagringo said...

Where are the photos??? There were lots of pics you could have taken with no people involved. The ocean, the sunset, the restaurant, just to name a few. Do what I do most of the time: think with your eyes, not your brain!

I think American Mommy should continue her blog when she returns home. The transition back to American life would be interesting.

Never do anything twice? I so disagree with that statement! LOL

Steve Cotton said...

Doug -- Glad that you are enjoying this little adventure.

Islagringo -- OK. You caught me. I could have done all of that. But I forgot one important item that evening. I wanted to take a photograph of the new crocodile prison at La Manzanilla. I went back to the truck to get my camera and discovered that instead of bringing it, I had grabbed my geeky notepad and pen. In my defense, they both have lanyards. You have now forced me into confessing another memory lapse.

Gary Denness said...

Just a quick note to say congrats for finally reaching the ppromised land, and glad to see all is going well so far!

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks, Gary. Welcomes are welcome at any time.