Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I live in a small fishing village by the sea.

Other than the obvious Garrison Keillor rip-off, it happens to be true.

But it would be just as true if I told people I lived in the middle of farm country.

Because I do. 

The most obvious crop is coconuts.  They are everywhere.  Plantation after plantation.

We also grow bananas.  Bunches of them. 

But, my favorite is when the coconut planters slip into their Thomas Jefferson mode.  There is a lot of bare dirt under those trees. 

The most common combination is coconuts and bananas.  See the picture above.

I can only suppose that the bananas must be harvested and cut back before the coconuts are harvested. 

About two months ago, I noticed a new combination along the road to the Manzanillo airport.  Peppers and coconuts.



Al said...

OK, I'll bite. What is "Thomas Jefferson mode"?

Steve Cotton said...

Along with everything else, Jefferson was a pioneer in crop rotations and efficient use of growing space.