Sunday, April 04, 2010

an easter tail

I have heard a tale of a family where The Mother disliked non-religious symbols as stand-ins for The Real Meaning of holidays -- holy days, for her.

No Santa Claus at Christmas or peeping chicks at Easter.  They simply would not do.

One Easter in what would have been perhaps the twelfth year of the tale relater's youth, the extended family sat down for a traditional Easter dinner at The Mother's well-appointed table.  Cousins galore awaited in anticipation for ham or turkey.

With a flourish, The Mother appeared at the head of the table with the afternoon's main course.

The Father, looking perplexed, asked: "Chicken?  Chicken for Easter?"

She responded: "Father, it is not chicken.  It's rabbit."

The word had barely floated to the table before young cousinly eyes went wide in horror.  The dismembered body of The Easter Bunny was about to be placed on their plates.

There is a rumor that The Mother also served venison roast at Christmas.  And certainly, the presence of a maraschino cherry on top to represent a reindeer nose cannot be true.

One can only imagine what became of such children.

I hope that you each have a blessed Easter.


Todd said...

Larry the bunny is in shock!


Anonymous said...

And a blessed Easter to you too. We invited our neighbors to church then later will have an Easter dinner with good friends in another town. I made a cheesecake flan and put some mango chunks in it. I expect it will be quite tasty.

Have a great week Steve.


Laurie said...

Hmmmm..... maybe the progeny are writing letters of ultimatum to our dear govs in the States? Perhaps they are sweet vegans? I have no idea. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

We've eaten the Easter Bunny for lunch today.
We felt sated and sad at his passing away.
A garnish of eggs
around his small legs,
And our plans for Next Easter? Simply going away.

Anonymous said...

Love that story. What did she serve on Valentine's Day?

Chrissy y Keith said...

One could only hope to have known such a woman. I would have loved to know what she tought about Halloween (Not that it is a Holy Day or Holiday)

Tancho said...

Happy Joyous Easter to you Amigo, hopefully your cast is not to uncomfortable. It probably will feel better in cooler Salem.
Uuummh....I need to find the recipe for Cheesecake flan....Help Teresa!

1st Mate said...

She could have done chicken and nobody would have batted an eye!

Feliz pascua a ti, amigo.

Steve Cotton said...

Todd -- And rightfully so. Would The Mother have served black cat on Halloween? Think what Diego would say. My guess is: "Meow."

Teresa -- Get ready to share that recipe. In fact, if you send it my way, I can post it.

Laurie -- Or, just perhaps, writing posts of Easters past.

Anonymous -- Most certainly an ANM limerick?

Richland -- Heart of saint? Hmmm. That has a Sondheim ring to it.

Chrissy -- See my surmise to Todd.

Tancho -- No cast yet. Just a splint. I go to Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday for suture removal. I think a cast may then be in my future. Get ready for a gift from Teresa.

1st Mate -- Ah, yes, but where is the drama in the mundane?