Saturday, April 10, 2010

friday twofer

I threw caution to the wind on Friday.

I decided to try to do two major tasks in one day.

Finish up my FM3 (visa) renewal and get the window in my truck replaced.

I thought the window was going to be done earlier in the week.  But there were problems shipping the replacement glass from wherever it came from.  While we were in Puerto Vallarta, the truck sat in my courtyard.

Friday morning, Lou and Wynn showed up in the early morning to drive me to Manzanillo to finish the FM3 process.  They needed to go to the same office to renew their FM3s.

In the hope that the glass had arrived, we left my truck at the glass shop before it opened -- and headed south.

The good news is that I have my FM3.  All the office needed from me was my land lady's identification.  I am now good for another year.

By the way, those of you who have FM3s, I was told that next year, the application will be online, and starting in May, cards are supposed to be issued.  Both will be a nice change. 

Several expatriates have been stopped by police recently on the highways and asked for their papers.  I carry a copy of my passport, FM3, and tax-free certification in the truck.  I guess I need to update my visa copy -- as if I am going to be driving anywhere in the next week.

As quick as my process was, Lou and Wynn had their renewed FM3s in their hands when we left.  Probably, no more than an hour of processing.  No need to return.

We then did something I have wanted to do for the past year -- have breakfast with friends on the main square in Manzanillo.  It was exactly as I imagined having breakfast would be in a large Mexican town.  People.  Traffic. Life.  All accompanied with a great lingua de res con salsa verde.

I have seriously thought of moving to the central part of Manzanillo when I return.

We then headed back to Melaque to see if task two had been completed.  When we drove up, I thought I could see an open space where a window should be.  I was wrong.  The window was there.

I was a bit surprised at the repair cost: $1400 (MX), or about $114 (US).  The labor costs were minimal.  But some parts can be quite expensive down here.  Including side replacement windows.

But my truck is now ready to face its storage in Mexico during the rainy season.

The shop looked at my radio, but they could do nothing to get it to operate.  I will either take it to the Ford dealer in Manzanillo before I fly out next Saturday or simply leave it for one of the tasks to be accomplished upon my return.

These are the types of days I love in Mexico.  Come to think of it, they are the types of days I love -- even if I had failed with both tasks.


Calypso said...

Probably more work to install a side window than a windshield?

It does feel good to get things done ;-)

el jubilado said...

Hey Steve ... the auto repair across the carretera from the main Melaque intersection (dolphins) have a great young auto electrician. They had to call him so not sure how often he's available. Has computer checking tools if needed

VisitLaManzanilla said...

Two tasks in one day in this part of Mexico! Sometimes the gods smile on you.

Anonymous said...

Three things in one day?!

Good grief, you'd better hope your new employer doesn't hear about this burst of hyper-productivity.


Steve Cotton said...

Calypso -- I suspect it takes more work to install a side window -- with the panel removal and all. But, as you know, labor is cheaps; parts are dear.

VisitLaManzanilla -- I am glad I did not try for a third.

ANM -- Three? Are you nuts? We can't do three days in a day here.

Jeff said...

Where did you eat ? On my last visit we ate at the cafe at an outside table between Bar Social and the main street. Had a delightful meal and experience.


Steve Cotton said...

Jeff -- I do not know the name of the restaurant. I should have been paying closer attention, but I was indulging in a moment of pure hedonism.