Tuesday, April 27, 2010

medically stationary

I re-entered the American medical system on Monday morning.

As Houston Control would say: Re-entry was successful.

I never had any doubt about the medical care.  I have known my doctor since grade school.  We played saxophone in high school band.  Besides knowing me, he knows his medical trade.

My concern was cost and procedure.  Two characteristics that are polar opposites north and south of the border.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I have health insurance.  Apparently, my years of federal service have provided me with a plan that allows me to keep my doctor.

My identification card got me through the door.  But I still have no idea what my deductible will be.  I need to follow up on that.

So far, costs do not appear to be an issue.  At least, for this condition.

Procedure is a mixed bag.

Everyone at my doctor's office has always been extremely courteous and helpful.  Monday was no exception.

But I quickly remembered why I like the Mexican medical system.

My doctor conducted a quick review of my records (and my greatly improved blood pressure), and referred me to a specialist -- one of the spin-offs of the American litigation system.  And then set up a lab appointment at the end of the week for blood work.

In Mexico, I would have wandered down the street to my neighbor's lab for a blood test -- that afternoon.

All in all, a good reentry. And far better than I anticipated.


Anonymous said...

Not so quick with your sanguine sighs of relief brother citizen of this capitalist island. Do not rule out iatrogenic disease or complications.

If things work out correctly, there should be several thousands of dollars of extra costs related to iatrogenic conditions.

Cost-plus, this is what makes the capitalist system go round and round.

Or am I just being too cheery?


Joe S. said...

You know I take particular offense at
ANM's( hey do you have a name) diatribe against the health care professions. All of us have a foundation of service to others, not the capitalist profit motive. This means I would use my skills to save your life without consulting a cost-plus consultant. My Bad.

Steve Cotton said...

ANM -- Cheery? Perhaps, cheesy.

Joe -- Pistols at 20 paces?