Monday, April 19, 2010

not in villa obregon any more

I woke up on Sunday morning in Oregon.

On the couch.

No domestic troubles.  After all, no domestic arrangements.  Just me.  Not even a dog.

I am sleeping on the couch because my bedroom (the home of my extremely comfortable Italianate bed) is upstairs.  So far, my experiences with my broken ankle is that Steve, crutches, and stairs can be a volatile mix.  Each stair is a performance art awaiting an Americans with Disabilities Act resolution.

My airplane trip north was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be.  The crutches limited what I could carry in my hands.  That is, if "nothing" can be considered limiting.

But I thought ahead on this one by deciding to limit my luggage to carry on.  I have a small case that zips together with a backpack.  It is great for a week trip.  And, when it is full, it is heavy.

So, I did not fill it.  Even so, I could not carry it with my crutches.

Getting through security in Manzanillo was easy -- as it usually is.  Someone was always there to valet my luggage onto the plane.

In Los Angeles, a wheel chair was waiting for me.  My good friends at Homeland Security decided I needed a lot of hands on searching.  Understandable.  I have that lean and hungry look that so worried Julius Caesar.  Assuming Shakespeare was not being too literal.

But I made it to Portland and off to Salem.  All with the help of some very kind airport staff.

And I have settled in. 

As you can see by the photograph at the top of this post, I am no longer in Mexico.  I had lunch at my favorite burger place in Salem on Sunday: Rock-n-Roger's.  Nothing like a chili burger to welcome me back to The States for the next six months.

But "home"?  I don't think so.

Soy de Oregon. Vivo en Villa Obregon.


Anonymous said...

How high up is that vehicle? One would think you live in Detroit. Downriver, where I reside, there is the famous Speedboat Grill, where a 1960's era runabout is mounted on the roof of the grill. Talk about award winning spicy chili and burgers! Make the best of your temporary residence, time flies, and you'll be "home" again in six short months.

Calypso said...

In Mexico that Caddy would be on the camino hombre - so I knew right off you were no longer in Kansas.

Enjoy the stay in the Land of Oz - but hurry home!

1st Mate said...

From V. Obregon to Oregon, you did pretty good. I was wondering how you were going to make it. I don't suppose you can hire some Mexicans to move your bed downstairs for you for a couple hundred pesos... I was tickled to see the first treat you went for was a chili burger, of all things. Still need that tingle on the tongue, huh?

Anonymous said...

I believe that is a 1959 Cadillac up there on that post. Hard to believe anyone ever bought a monstrosity like that for serious. In Walla Walla, 1969, however, the owner of the NEHI Bottling Co. drove one. I can't look at one of those beasts without thinking of Royal Crown Cola.


Joe S. said...

I have never heard of Rock-n-Rogers. So now there is another reason to zip down to Salem one of these days. I consider it very fortunate to have my premier travel writer back in Oregon. See ya someday.

Larry Prater said...

I have not kept up with your blog regularly since the Professor Jiggs died, back then I read it avidly. I suppose your six months in OR has to do with your ankle, I hope you come back to Mexico, where you belong.

Steve Cotton said...

Francisco -- I suspect the Caddy is 20 feet or so in the air on a sign post. Quite the local icon.

Calypso -- I had the same thought. I could imagine that finned beast prowling the streets of Manzanillo.

1st Mate -- The couch is fine for me. Before I left Oregon, Jiggs had trouble climbing stairs. So, I slept on the couch in the library. It is comfortable. But not as comfortable as that chili burger. I need to watch it, though. That is the type of food that caused me to be as heavy as I was a year ago.

ANM -- Ah. A day of nostalgia slathered on in Brobdingnagian layers.

Joe -- Send me an email. Getting together for lunch would be the highlight of my day.

Larry -- Nice to hear from you again. I am in Oregon because my former employer asked me to help train my successor at work. I had also hoped to sell the house in salem during that time. Stop by more often. I miss your observations.

Rick said...

Steve, here is a quote from another blogger driving 'home' from a 6 month stay in Mexico:

"So... we’re back in the States and I have very mixed emotions. On the one hand, the roads are terrific. SO smooth. SO wide. So plainly marked. Just fantastic. On the other hand I will miss the special flavor of life south of the border. It’s hard to define, but it is a flavor I have yet to sample in the US of A"

Irene said...

Welcome back to Oregon, even if it is temporary. Be sure to keep speaking Spanish so you don't lose what you've learned. I will miss your stories of life in Melaque.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you made it home safely. when will you get back to work?

we returned from our cruise yesterday and flew home today. it was wonderful spending time with family and friends, the food was delicious and and i went dancing all but one night. on friday night i danced from 11:30- till 4:00 a.m. i had an absolute blast.

i'll e-mail you soon.

take care,

Leslie Limon said...

Glad you made it to Oregon safely. Enjoy your time there and hurry home! :)

Steve Cotton said...

Rick -- I have a similar mix of emotions when I come north.

Irene -- It is inevitable that I will lose some skills. But they come back.

Teresa -- It sounds as if you had a great cruise. I look forward to hearing about it.

Leslie -- I will enjoy each moment.