Saturday, February 23, 2013

red to blue

I have one last note from Chiapas for you.

I am certain most of you know the Zapatista movement, with its spokesman Subcomandante Marcos, has been active in Chiapas for a couple of decades.  Spreading the news that private ownership of property is an abomination.  “Only those who work the land own the land.”  Or something like that.

While eating breakfast on Thursday, I glanced up and saw this stained glass mural decorating the dining room.

Some people have trouble understanding the theory of irony.  Well, this is a perfect example.  Where else could you see the reddest of political ideas portrayed in conservative blue -- but in an expensive hotel?  With the expensive garden shining through the eyes of Marcos and Zapata.

Maybe that is how the establishment has decided to deal with Marcos.  Co-opting him with fame.

Saturday will be my last day in Melaque for February.  I am heading north in the hope that the closing of my house remains on track.

See you soon on the Salem front.

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