Friday, February 01, 2013

love for sale

 The deed is done.

January 2013 is over and my Salem house is on the market.  Not just "on the market," but already shown to one prospective buyer.  A buyer who has shown great interest.

I have not sold a house since the early 1990s. The art has changed drastically since then.  Back then, realtors toted around Muliple Listing Service (MLS) books that would put a Manhattan telephone book to shame. 

Telephone books have disappeared.  As have the MLS books.  The internet has changed all that.

My house was listed yesterday.  There is already a barebones description online.  Photographs and further details will be up soon.

While working on the house, I realized just how much I enjoyed living here.  And how many relationships I have in Salem that are worth preserving and cultivating.

I just received word that my trip to Oaxaca has been canceled.  But the trip to Chiapas (later in February) is still on.  I would have liked to see it.

My mother is recovering well from her carpal tunnel surgery.  She called last night to suggest that when she and my brother come south for her Big Birthday, we should consider a trip to Oaxaca.  It is one of her favorite areas in Mexico.  Especially, the archaeological sites.

All of the pieces of life seem to roll togehter.  Given enough time and patience.

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