Friday, February 15, 2013

post haste

There is a tale that a man wrote to Mark Twain.  Not knowing the address, the man marked the envelope:
"Mark Twain
"God knows where"

He received a response from Twain: "He did."

Now, I don't know how accurate that tale is, but it is often trotted out by the United States Postal Service to show its efficiency.  You know them.  They are the folks who cannot figure out how to deliver mail on Saturdays.

But I have a tale of true postal efficiency.  And the USPS does not figure in it.

When I returned from Oregon at the beginning of February, I found two Christmas cards in my Mexican postal box.  Each was addressed to:

"Steven Cotton
"Villa Obregon Melaque
"Jalisco Mexico 48972"

No street address.  No box number.  And the incorrect postal code.

But there they were in my box.  Delivered as if all of the required information was on the envelope.

Granted, the transit time was a bit extended.  Mailed from Salem on 13 December -- and placed in my box on 25 January.  I am just pleased that they are now in my hands.

I guess those tips I paid in November to the four postal workers paid their dividends.

And I now have bragging rights to another Twain tale.

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