Thursday, September 12, 2013

chelsea won't type

My work space has changed.

Not because I have re-arranged my lived-in-look computer table in Melaque (dancing on the keyboard).  Instead, I have re-arranged myself to San Miguel de Allende for the rest of the month.

Babs's casita is always a joy to visit.  As I told her yesterday, it feels a bit like coming home.  After all, I have posted quite a few blogs from here.

The new work space is a bit more girly than my no-women-live-here setup on the Pacific coast.  But stripped to my laptop and a modem with a great view in front of me, I almost feel myself getting in touch with my inner woman.  (She told me to "take a hike" on the last attempt.)

I have no plans for the month other than to catch up with my acquaintances in town.  A few road trips sound nice.  But that can wait.  They will happen wen they happen.

There are moments to be lived.  But they have not yet arrived.

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