Sunday, September 08, 2013

dancing on the keys

I take challenges seriously.  Dare me to do something -- and the chances are I will be silly enough to do it.  Especially, if is something I have not done before.

On Saturday, John Calypso tossed down a blogger gauntlet in Saturday Afternoon-- Left to my Own Devices.  He showed us his computer work station -- and dared the rest of us to bare our wares.

His vision of my work area:  "I have this vision of Steve in his skivvies (it is hot where he lives in Melaque ) and a torn tee shirt (he apparently has several). Oh and a diet coke at his side and probably it’s sitting too close to his computer."

The man knows me.  As I write this on Saturday night, I am in my underwear.  After two weeks in Miami air conditioning, our 78 degrees and 91% humidity is a bit sticky.  We are lucky enough to have some rain.  But, after sleeping in 60 degree rooms, I may be a bit restless.

And no shirt -- whole or torn.  That really would be gilding the belly.

My work station should be no surprise to you.  You have heard about each element. 

The exploding glass computer table (la mesa reborn).

My HP laptop that replaced my first Sony.  The keyboard on the HP died several months ago.  That is why my wireless keyboard is setting on top of it.  (salted (micro) chips)

The monitor and the Sony speakers have been with me from the beginning.  (a new star in the firmament)  I have considered replacing both of them.  With a large flat screen and a set of high quality speakers (that would be the equivalent of a year's rent).  After my purchases in Miami, that project is on hold.

And now you know where Mexpatriate comes from.  Well, partly.  I am typing this particular post in bed.  Having returned from Miami with a nasty head cold, I am heading to bed early.

But only after I watch a few scenes from True Lies.  You can see Arnold "flying" a Harrier on the monitor.  Driving the highway to the keys piqued my interest in what has become one of my favorite movies.

I will leave you with this.  One of my favorite tangos -- por una cabeza.  (The last selection on the soundtrack list).

Find a partner -- and tango your day away.

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