Friday, September 13, 2013

weather 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

How many times have I said: I didn't come to Mexico for the weather"?

It's true.  But each summer, I do come to San Miguel de Allende for relief from the tropical summer heat of Melaque.

And I have not been disappointed.  The last three nights, I have slept with the windows open in delightful 60 degree weather.

Yesterday on my walk through town, the temperature got up to 70.  It felt a bit warm.  But it was a comfortable warm.

But looking at what is coming our way from the Gulf of Mexico, I am not certain this is going to be the place for perfect weather.

The map at the top of the post may look like my latest colonoscopy (don't worry, it isn't; I have never had one).  What it is, is NOAA's projected path for what bears the clinical name of Tropical Depression TEN.

It is currently passing over Campeche Bay -- and may pick up enough warm temperature to turn itself into Tropical Storm 10.  (Or maybe it gets a new name with its new title.  Like an earl becoming or a marquis.)  In any event, there will be a lot of blowing and raining going on.

All of that would be just another bit of trivia on the Weather Channel.  Except for one thing.  If you look at the southwest extent of the storm's cone, you will see "Celaya" -- the city just south of us.

That means that we may not get the big part of the blowing and raining, but it will not be a good day for traipsing down the hill.  According to the forecasters, that should be Monday.  Just in time for the big Independence Day celebrations.

And there should be some great cloud shots to be had.  After all, I came to San Miguel de Allende for the weather.

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