Friday, September 06, 2013

in the bag

I am a terrible historian.  At least, when my life is the subject of discussion.

If you had asked me when I bought my last camera, I would have said about two years ago.  And I would have been off by a factor of 2.  It has been four years.

You may recall that when I bought my Panasonic FZ-35, the Japanese camera maker could have hired me as a spokesman.  (mi recámara)  I have really enjoyed using it -- and it has proven to be sufficient to grab shots for my blog.  My baby crocodile photographs are evidence enough of that.

But I have noticed my zoom images are a bit too pixelated -- even for a blog.  So, I started looking around for a new camera.

Gary Denness recommended that the Panasonic four years ago.  His new recommendation, for a DSLR was Sony's latest -- the NEX6.

On Wednesday, while I was not getting my computer repaired (coming unhinged), I looked at the NEX6 in the Sony Store.  If Gary had not given it such a glowing review, I would not have bought the camera.  The sales clerk knew nothing about it.  She didn't even know the price -- or whether it came with a combination kit, including a zoom lens.  (Just in case you are interested, the answers are: A lot.  And, yes, it does.)

It took her close to an hour to gather all of the items in the combination deal.  Even with all that time, she managed to grab an NEX5, instead of the NEX6.  If my credit card company had not required an authorization call, I would have walked out with the wrong camera.

But they did, and I didn't.

Yesterday I charged up both batteries and experimented a bit with switching out the lenses.  By the time I get back to Melaque, I will be ready to start shooting what I hope will be photographs of a higher quality.

Even if they aren't, it will be fun to have a new camera. 

So, the photograph at the top of this post is one of the last shots you will see from the Panasonic -- a portrait of its successor.  Give me a couple of weeks, and I will let you know how the camera is working out.

After all, it should last me at least another four years.

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