Wednesday, May 15, 2013

bones on the cliff

I have left you hanging.  And, for once, it was not one of my writer tricks.

Well, not exactly.  Procrastination is certainly not exclusive to scribblers.

A month ago, I told you I had seen a dentist in Melaque because of a gum complaint that had dogged me for a couple of months.  (jawing with the dentist)  His prognosis?  I had serious bone loss in my jaw and I might need a bone graft.  He recommended that I see a specialist in Guadalajara.

I could not do that immediately because I needed to get my Oregon-licensed Escape out of the country as soon as possible.  My plan was to fly back to Guadalajara directly from Oregon, pick up my new Escape, and check into walking away with a new jaw bone.

Well,you know how the "fly to Guadalajara" part of the trip worked out.  By the time, I got my finances straightened out and picked up the new vehicle, all I wanted to do was get back to Melaque as quickly as possible.

But I was not ignoring the jaw issue.  Several friends had recommended a dentist in Manzanillo.  I could, at least, get a second opinion from her.  So, off to Manzanillo I went Tuesday morning.

I left the dental office with thoroughly-cleaned teeth.  They needed it.  Due to some very bad advice I received when I moved to Melaque, I slipped off of my quarterly cleaning schedule.  Even with the extra time she took to use a powered pick to chip off tartar, the dentist only charged me $350 (Mx) -- less than $30 (US).

During her examination, the dentist spotted the same problem around my molar.  Bone loss that has caused a pocket to form.  A pocket that will collect food particles and lead to infections.

But I may have avoided a trip to Guadalajara.  Her son is a dentist -- getting his specialty license in periodontics.  He will be in Manzanillo the Saturday after next.  I will let him see just how far my bone has receded.

She suggested that a deep cleaning may be all I need.  But she left the final diagnosis to her son.

In another two weeks, I may have x-rays to show you.  I just hope they are better than those at the top of this post.


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