Wednesday, May 29, 2013

new dog, new blog

No.  Not me.

I told you that my foster experience with Gomez convinced me that I am not yet ready for a dog.  And I am perfectly happy with mexpatriate as it is.  I don't need a new dog.  Or a new blog.

But my friend Beth has both.  Rather, she is getting a new dog.  And she has started a new blog.  Lab Tails: Adventures with Gracie and Gus about the fun of it all.  Erma Bombeck crossed with James Herriot.

Beth is not new to blogging.   This project will introduce us to the new chocolate lab puppy that is entering her steady life with Gracie, an older chocolate lab who rules Beth's house.

I am looking forward to Beth's captivating narrative style.  And the inevitable situation comedy spinoff.

As for me, I am off to Manzanillo for a root canal -- or whatever the dentists have come up with this week.  And I cannot even tell them whether or not it is safe.*

* -- That cultural reference may be even more arcane than usual.  Those of us who have the dental care scene in The Marathon Man emblazoned in our sub-conscious will understand.

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