Friday, May 10, 2013

does that iron include diamonds?

Despite what your calendars say north of the Rio Bravo, today is Mother's Day.

At least, it is in Mexico.  The 10th of each May.  No matter what day of the week it is.

And it is a big day.  Not a federal holiday.  But the celebration of motherhood gets a full-stops-out fiesta in these parts.

The festivities have already started.  The schools have been preparing programs to give an annual thanks to the mothers, who provide the raw materials for teaching positions.  Many of whom (the mothers, that is) wait patiently each day for their children at the school gates.

Of course, the politicians will horn in with their proclamations.  But husbands and children are the water bearers for the day.  They will scour the town for the perfect way to let Mom know that the family appreciates her.

Perhaps with the rather tacky pillow at the top of the blog.  I was torn between featuring the pillow -- or the tables of fake flowers.

The great thing about mothers is the knowledge that no matter what gets pulled through the front door as a thank you gift, Mom will accept it with a smile.  And a laugh.  And always with love.

Especially, if it is one of these whimsical dog flower arrangements, modeled from the florist shop owner's dog  -- or even one of the huge vases filled with enough tropical blooms to make Dorothy Lamour blush.

But my favorite was the circular that showed up at my gate the other day.  Coppel is a national department store chain.  The front cover announced that Mother's Day was coming.

I was curious to see what a big Mexican chain would recommend for Mom on this special day.  Jewelry?  A mink coat?  A bouquet of flowers?

Nope.  How about a nice new blender?  Or a mixer?  Or an iron?

Some things just seem to be universal.  Including tone deaf gifting.

And how about my mother?  She is not Mexican.  But she has an almost-Mexican son.  And, if everything turns out as planned, she will get a little surprise today.  Well, it would be if she did not read this blog every morning.

Mom, just pretend you are surprised.  Smile.  Laugh.  And know that you are loved.

Happy Mother's Day.

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