Sunday, October 13, 2013

collared passions

Since we are now on a roll with nature questions, let me put this one to you.

I have always resented people asking questions when they already know the answer.  It is the type of behavior we associate with the kid in our class who would sit in the front row and raise his/her hand for every question the teacher asked.

Well, I am in danger of reverting to that personality.  Because I am about to put a question to you.  And I know the answer.  I think.  At least, I have an answer.

While driving through our local coconut plantations, I have noticed that some of the trees on the more-cultivated plantations have metal collars on the tree trunks.  About fifteen feet from the ground.  They almost look as if the trees are wearing lamp shades or mini-skirts.

I had developed some personal theories.  About two months ago, a waiter at one of my regular hangouts asked me if I knew what they were.  I told him my theories.  He laughed.  Politely.  But it was laughter.

When he told me what they were, I slapped my forehead.  No more than a year ago I had written a post about this very topic, but I had never put the two things together.

His father-in-law runs a coconut plantation.  So, being the journalist skeptic I am, I followed up with him -- just in case I had been made the butt of a snipe-hunt.  He verified what his son-in-law told me.

So, wise ones.  Put on your thinking caps and tell us the purpose of the metal collars.

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