Friday, October 11, 2013

not quite a retaurant -- yet

The geese are headed our way.

We are on the shoulder between the summer high season and the winter high season.*  And the signs of northern tourists on the way south are showing up around town.  Especially, the restaurants.

This building is the old Ava's.  On the frontier between San Patricio and Villa Obregon.

There has been a lot of work going on at the new location of Ava's.  Just a few doors north.  A new palapa is a'wombing.

The old spot has sat vacant for a few months without much happening in the building.  But this week, there has been a burst of activity.  Including some rather imaginative paintings to draw in hungry patrons.

Those green eyes should be a clue as to the target audience.

I stopped yesterday afternoon to talk with the painter.  I am getting far more confident in my Spanish.  I am now proficient enough to be misunderstood in two languages (seven, if you change the category to Entirely Baffle).

And it appears that we understood each other on the basics.  The restaurant will be open on 1 November as a breakfast place. 

But the name is not new.  This will be the new Esmeralda's.  I thought she might be opening this place as a second location (in addition to her current location in Melaque).  Apparently, not.  This is to be her new home.

That means that there are several new food businesses on (or just off) he street.  A new butcher shop.  The new Ava's.  Scooby Tacos (new for the winter crowd).  And Esmeralda's.

The eating options are diminishing in my neighborhood inVilla Obregon.  But they are increasing on what we locally call "whorehouse street."

More is always better than less in the food trade.

* -- There has long been a debate about the sources of income for the Melaque-Barra area.  It turns out I had my own misconcetions.  The biggest revenue source is agricultural support.  Then Mexican tourism.  Then expatriate tourism.  I may do a full post on this in the future.  It is bound to stir up some debate.  I am certain.

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