Tuesday, October 22, 2013

four little words

The Frog is back!

Each year I look forward to writing those words.  It is not the MI6 subtext (even though that helps). 

The real reason is that the local restaurant scene takes on a new face -- to welcome the group of tourists that give Melaque its third highest annual revenue stream.

In this case, my neighborhood restaurant (just around the corner from my front gate) is once again open seven days a week for breakfast, dinner, and supper. At least, that is the plan for now.  Schedules are always open for modification in Mexico.

Monday was opening day.  Dionicio, the proprietor, told me last week that Monday was the day.  And I almost forgot.

As I was driving back from a choppy, but pleasant, conversation about soccer at the post office, I noticed that the tables and chairs were set out as orderly as socks in Jack Lemmon's dresser. 

Crisp tablecloths.  Neat napkins.  Fresh paint.  All just waiting for some regular guests.

So, I stopped by for an early dinner and shared a few stories with Olga and Dionicio.  During the four years I have lived around the corner, the restaurant has become a second living room for me.  It is not quite Paris, but I run into a lot of people in my Latin version of café société.

But, not on Monday.  I was the sole diner.  And that was fine.  I could enjoy my quesadilla in quiet while I wrote this little note to you.

If you live here, or visit over the winter, or just come to Melaque for a short stay, stop by The Frog and share a tale.  Mexpatriate could always use some new material -- and meet some new acquaintances.

Here is the dinner menu.  I know that some of you like to peruse menus before you stop by.  (Just click on it for a larger version.)

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