Wednesday, March 19, 2014

a trio of heroes

Meet Jesse and Tanner.

They look like two teenagers on spring break in Mexico. 
There is no doubt that their primary purpose for being in Mexico was to have a good time. But they are here for far more than that.

In February, a Mexpatriate reader, Jane Wallace, contacted me from her home in Williams Lake, British Columbia.  She was coming to Mexico with her son (Jesse) and his friend (Tanner).  Her interest in contacting me was the Indian School.  And she wanted to know what the boys and she could do to help.

We kicked around some ideas, and, with the help of Dra. Rosa, who provides medical care to the school, decided that buying sandals for the children would be the most practical thing to do.

Jane took the idea and ran with it.  She put together a PowerPoint presentation that the boys used at Rotary and Tanner's church to bang the drum to buy sandals.  The organization and several individuals donated over $1,100.

When they arrived, Dra. Rosa conducted a tour of the school facilities for them and gave them an opportunity to meet some of the community members.  As so often happens with specific projects, the sandal project was no longer in operation.

The money that Jane, Jesse, and Tanner raised will be put to good use.  They met with my friend, Ed the Artist, who is acting as the general manager of the school these days.  The four of them discussed some specific ideas.  And I will post on where those funds were applied.

The reason I am writing this essay is that it is a good lesson on how we can all live our lives.  Jane had read about the school, and felt the need to do something and to also provide a good project for her son and his friend.  The boys then took the initiative to go talk with strangers and friends, and to motivate them to reach out and help others.

It is far too easy in our little village to sink into an enjoyable life style -- and to then ignore our own neighbors.  Jane, Jesse, and Tanner saw a need from far away and came to assist those who have less than they do.

Some would call them awesome.  I call them heroes.

Thanks to the three of you for being what more of us should be.

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