Sunday, March 16, 2014

slipping past saint pat

Every time I think I am getting comfortable in Mexico, something comes along to improve the situation.

As you know, I moved to Mexico to get away from the comforts of Oregon.  I wanted to live somewhere that would both challenge and surprise me.  Someplace that would yank me into appreciating what life offers.

Well, I am getting that in spades these days.  Since returning from Oregon on Wednesday, I have been running from events to meetings to parties.  If I had left for Central America today, a lot of projects would have been left hanging fire.  You will hear about some of them in the next couple weeks.

This is also my favorite time of year here in Melaque.  The patron saint of San Patricio is San Patricio -- the Irish saint we discussed last week.  Even though we are theoretically in the midst of Lent, whatever the rules of being compliant during this season must be suspended when celebrating a saint day in a manner that would put hedonism to shame.

I hate to confess that I have missed almost all of the festivities.  Other than the parade the other day and a brief walk through the carnival, I have not been staying up late for the nightly fireworks.  The castillo was all set up for the night's festivities, but I came home early to get in bed.

After all, Sunday is going to be a long day.  Up early to get to the beach for the 8 AM skim board competition.  Then to church.  Then to the airport to pick up my brother.  If I can convince him to stay up late, we will go see the fireworks together.

But there is one piece of news I have not yet told you.  I had a blood test on Friday to test how my thyroid was working.  My doctor was convinced that I suffered from hypothyroidism and that was affecting my high count of triglycerides.  My mother was in that camp, as well.

It turns out they were both wrong.  My thyroid is operating as efficiently as my liver.  My cholesterol is fine and my blood pressure passes for normal.  And after two days without medication, my triglycerides were still high, but lower than when I was taking the medication.

Here is the plan.  (Felipe will be partially pleased.)  She has placed me on a new medication (ezetimiba/simvastatina) and has pulled me off all carbohydrates for two weeks.  She approved of some mild exercise, but nothing strenuous until my blood is thinned out.

So, there you have it.  Nothing seems to be terribly wrong other than the pesky persistent triglycerides.  I suspect this is going to be a long-term tussle.  After all, I have had high triglycerides for almost 40 years now.  And no one seems to know why. 

They were high when I weighed 145 and exercised almost daily.  But that is not what I weigh now.  And my exercise program is about as successful as recent American foreign policy.

What I can do is stick to my carbohydrate restriction while Darrel is here (though that will be hard) and get on with the house hunting project.

The next few weeks should be a hoot.

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