Saturday, March 29, 2014

driving miss barra

This week I looked myself in the eye in the bathroom mirror and said: "You should either buy a Bentley Mulsanne sedan -- or a house."

I already have an Escape in the driveway.  And that is good enough for the likes of me.

So, I decided to buy a house.

The proceeds from the sale of my house in Salem last year are still sitting in an investment account just waiting to be set free to stimulate the economy.  Of Mexico, I guess.

I have toyed with purchasing a house for years now.  Last year, I got close by opening negotiations on the house that initially brought me to this area in 2007 (ms. barra-in-the-country seeks your vote).  I headed north to sell my house and to return with my brother and mother to get their approval.   As is often the case in such stories, the house sold while I was gone.

Buying went on hold -- until January when my brother told me that his wife was ready to retire now because of the bad winter Bend was experiencing.  I thought she was going to hold out for some years.

So, I started to search for houses.  And found at least one that caught my fancy.  I showed my family the photographs and they were duly impressed when I was in Oregon earlier in the month.

That is why my brother is here now.  It turns out, though, that I mistook when his wife would like to retire as opposed to when she can actually retire.  The winter was bad enough to push her over the edge this year, but she cannot do it quite yet.

My search for a compound was premature.  After she retires, they will still need to sell their property in Oregon.

Even so, I really liked the house.  I liked it enough to submit what I considered to be a serious offer.  The owner countered with a reasonable reduction in the price.  But I had no further chips to put on the table.  It was Game Over.

That is the second house that has slipped away from me.  On the other hand, I enjoy living where I do.  And there will be other houses.

Who knows I may even scrape up enough cash to re-open negotiations.

Or I just might buy that 2014 Bentley Mulsanne sedan -- and live in it.

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