Saturday, April 26, 2014

antonio has left the building

Publishing two posts in one day is usually not good form.

I think I just made that up.  Or I may have read it in Emily Post's Guide to Etiquette and Writing an Interesting Blog.

Either way, I usually don't do it.  But I could not pass up sharing this tidbit with you.  I must have forgotten to include it in this morning's post.

The wax museum in Mexico City contains a hall of presidents.  Because this is Mexico, you will not find Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton or Franklin Roosevelt -- or whoever your favorite American presidents are.

In Mexico, you will find the wax effigies of a lot of presidents most people (including Mexicans) do not remember.  But I could not resist snapping a shot of the very model of the comeback kid.  Antonio López de Santa Anna.  The Mexican leader who lost about half of Mexico's claimed territory.

Either a museum curator has a very good sense of humor or a terrible sense of placement.  Either way, I am convinced that the cause of that look of pained embarrassment on old Santa Anna's face is the sign over his right shoulder.  A sign that just about sums up the rascal's several turns at sitting in the president's chair.


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