Sunday, April 06, 2014

small change in a big purse

It's time for a change.

Politicians always say that.  At least, the ones who are "innies," instead of "outies."  Whether it's change you can believe in, I will leave that to you.

This morning, there will be three big changes at Casa Nanaimo.

The first is one that all of us Mexico will share.  Daylight saving time is now in effect.  As of, 2 AM. 

Our northern brethren switched their clocks a full four weeks ahead of us -- except the liberty-loving Arizonans who have the good sense not to play this game.  If you didn't Bataan Death March your Mexican clocks forward an hour, you may be an hour late for whatever you plan to do today -- as if anyone will notice or care.

This is the point where I do my semi-annual rant that trying to save daylight in Mexico is as pointless as saving tortilla.  It is stuff and nonsense.  But we are a complying people.  And I have a plane to catch.

Actually, two planes to catch.  And those are the other two changes that hang on the day's cusp.

Brother Darrel is on his way back to Oregon today.  His trip south has left me as I was before he arrived -- house-less.  But it was nice to have him here to initiate and share more events Cotton. 

The next trip should find him accompanied by his younger bride, Christy.  Without her input, no compound will be formed.  At least, not one filled with Cottons.

And then there is a bit of personal change for me.  Darrel flies north; I fly east.  To the capital city -- the Oz of Cuauhtémoc -- with my neighbor, Lupe, and her son, to replace her eye (the eye of the beholder).

My job is to act as a guide for them on the Metro (Mexico City's subway) on our way to and from the clinic.  Never mind that I have never set foot in the Metro.  But I have ridden subways in London, New York City, Paris, San Francisco, Rome, and Washington, DC.  It could not be that difficult.

So, change we will.  Hope we must.

I will keep you posted on our adventures in the Big Burrito.

Where we will
sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings, and return home filled with tales of fortune and glory.  And, of course, a new eye for Lupe.

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