Tuesday, April 22, 2014

stretching the rabbit

What do you do when Easter turns into Hanukkah -- at least, in form?

I told you yesterday in seasons cycle that I am agnostic when it comes to celebrating holidays on specific days.  For me, one day is as good as the next.

Well, it turns out I have a co-conspirator in letting my inner calendar run free.  While standing in line to pay my TelMex bill, I ran into my landlady, Christine.

She asked me how my Easter had been.  If I had given any thought to her past Easter escapades (crossing the border), I would have realized she was hinting when she asked if I had been visited by the bunny.

I had just been in the garden looking for ants earlier in the morning.  But I noticed nothing unusual.  "Look higher," she said.

When I returned home, Dora was still cleaning, so I created a mini-office on the patio.  As I looked up, there it was.  A robin-blue egg.  Resting on the orchid.  On the flamboyant tree.  Just where a bounder like the Eastern bunny would leave such a thing.

For those of you who ask me why I put up with the weather in Melaque, the answer is on that tree.  Or what it stands for is on that tree.

I have lived here for going on six years this month.  During that time, I have developed friendships and acquaintances that make living here a joy.  And that circle was recently widened by including my neighbors across the street.

Does that mean that I am staying in Melaque until I die?  Probably not.  Unless I die before the month is out.

But it does mean that the relationships are important enough to me that I am probably going to stick around for a bit longer than the end of the month.

I guess it is appropriate to say it again -- Happy Easter, Christine!

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