Friday, June 02, 2017

the vineless trellis

I am the procrastination champ.

Three months ago, I told you I needed to trim back the landscaping in my patio (strangling time). The architect of the house placed a planter in front of each of the four bedroom doors to provide an attractive privacy screen.

It is a great concept -- as long as the vines on each trellis are kept under control. That I have not done.

I trim them back occasionally, but they tend to twine on one another and become quite top heavy.

Before Christy left, we managed to cut back one of the vines, and decided the full vine would need to be cut down to about eye level. It was a start. But I have been gone from the house since then.

When, I returned the vine had grown back. Taking that as a challenge, I planned on attacking the vine on Sunday. But my Mexican friend, who had agreed to help me, never showed up.

So, on Monday I started cutting back bit by bit. By Wednesday, I was half done. Today, I finished the job.

Ten large garbage bags of vine now sit in front of my house -- and this is the result.

It will not take long for the vine to revive. That is its nature. And this is still the growing season. It also helps that no one will be using that bedroom until next October or November.

As soon as I see how quickly the first vine recovers, I will start on the other three. When guest arrive next winter, their privacy will be guarded by vine lines that replicate those in the house.

And, if you would like to volunteer as a vine cutter (because I suspect I will never see my friend on this project), just stop by. Ladders and cutters will be at hand.

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