Monday, January 14, 2008

loss of a friend

I am stunned. I just discovered a member of our blogger community passed away yesterday. Andee of My Life in Chacala was an inspiration to all of us who have decided to move to Mexico, But she was far more than that. She was one of those souls who brought the light of truth and joy wherever she went. She was the sole inspiration for this blog. Without her insistence to share my travels, I would never have started this project. (I just noticed that I had included a reference to her in yesterday's posting.)

We shared email on Friday evening. I was very worried about her on Friday night -- almost to the point that I was ready to fly down to Chacala.

We will miss her. I especially feel sorry for her brother and her son; she absolutely adored both of them.

Wayne of Isla Mujeres Bliss of 1st Mate have posted very moving tributes to Andee.


La Gringa said...

Steve, I think that touching tributes such as yours will provide much happiness to her son Erik.

We will all miss her.

Allan Hardman said...

Thank you for your sweet rememberance of Andee. She was my friend here in Chacala as you might know, and her sudden passing has shocked me and much of this community. Andee was a vital link between Canadian and American tourists and the landladies with their rooftop rentals, who had no bank, phones, or internet (or even English!).

Andee was there. I liked running into her on my walks and following her around town, as she passed around deposits and schedules to her landladies, greeted returing travelers, and talked with locals.

I met many wonderful people here that i never would have because of Andee.

Andee, may your journey home be swift and filled with love.

Your friend,

Allan Hardman
Chacala, Nayarit

Steve Cotton said...

la gringa --

Thank you. I know that you and Andee had a special bond. Not only because of your interests in things that grow, but also your joint interest in souls that grow. She was a remarkable person.

Steve Cotton said...

allan --

Thank you for sharing your impressions of Andee. Your recollection is exactly as I see her. We had conversations about how she wanted to get away from the busy-ness of the modern world. But her sould was once that could not stay still. Her involvement in the rental program is a perfect example. If my wish means anything, it is that she will have peace.