Tuesday, February 17, 2009

let me help you with that, little lady

Harold Pinter must be smiling somewhere in The Hereafter.

On Sunday, the ever-positive
Babs announced in "First Theft in Thirty Five Years" that -- just as the title indicates -- she had suffered her first theft after doing business or living in Mexico for the past 35 years. She left her vehicle unlocked on the streets of San Miguel de Allende, and someone stole a book of her CDs (with some hard-to-replace items), a cell phone charger, and a set of brake pads.

She took the loss in stride -- exactly as we would all expect Babs to react.

But we bloggers are not about to let a lady in distress rest in her acceptance that things just do not matter. There are gentlemen present. Knights errant. Sir Walter Raleighs with puddles aplenty, even if imagined.

Take a look at the comments. I think this is the largest number of comments I have seen on Babs's blog. It is almost as if a Pinter play has come alive in front of our eyes.

In their desire to help the princess in her tower, the comment conversation morphs from the ability to find replacement CDs, to the virtues of MP3 files, to the inferiority of MP3 files, to random accusations of insanity, to long dissertations on how audio files reproduce sound, and a random list of celebrities met that would make a great episode of the Ed Sullivan Show. It is a hoot to read.

Mind you, I stick in my two pesos worth along with two of my favorite hombres:
John Calypso and Michael Dickson.

I am now chuckling at my involvement in the discussion as a critic of the quality of MP3 files. I sit here typing while listening to music on a newly-found web site (
the radio.com) that has some of the most highly-compressed files I have ever heard (or not heard). Go figure.

But there is a lesson here. Just like riding in a car, if there is one man and one woman, the man will almost immediately admit: "I have no idea what's wrong." But put three men and one woman in the same predicament, and the men will spend hours competing for a solution before admitting: "I have no idea what's wrong."

Thanks, Bab, for hosting another proof that men will never turn down a potential problem-solving adventure -- all with the best intentions.


Michael Dickson said...

Clever choice of photos. On another note, so to speak, I cannot get that radio site to work.

Babs said...

You are so right Steve, it became hysterically funny because it ALL really had nothing to do with me!

AND the saga continues, this morning with Sr. Dickson. I LOVE BLOGGING!

Calypso said...

Steve - maybe we should check with each other and find out what we are Blogging about for the day? ;-)

It was a hoot to get wrapped up in a music quality issue on sweet Babs' Blog.

Of course I love writing about music and snapped up the chance to gab about technology on Babs' dime.

You were right about the vinyl - do you think Michael caught that? Our Johnny Paycheck pal - oh sure! More like our Hemingway pal I think.

Anonymous said...

hi steve,

i love that second last paragraph about men admitting, "I have no idea what to do." now, if only they'd be as ready to admit when they are lost and ask for directions, there would be a lot of time saved in their travels ;-)

ah, enjoying my cup of coffee and reading your blog. now if i could only get a job. it's been slow in the substituting world lately, at least for me, and i sure do need to work, so please send some good luck wishes my way.

have a great day!


Todd said...

Here is where to go for some online music!


Steve Cotton said...

Michael -- For some reason, that photo popped into my mind about half way through our comment-fest.

I just tried the link. It works at home and at work. I wonder if there is a Mexico block?

Babs -- When men get going, the resaon for the going often gets lost in the mists of time. But we are very good at it.

Calypso -- I had already completed a posat for today, but I bumped it. The Babs exchange was just too good to pass up.

Teresa -- We use maps. We just do not want other people using our maps.

Todd -- Tanks for another music site.

glorv1 said...

dizzler.com is a free music site. and I'm sorry Babs was violated with the theft. I should go over there and tell her something. Take care Steve.

Brenda said...

Radio.com works here in Guaymas.

Babs said...

I did NOT feel "violated" as some have suggested. I felt stupid for having left my car unlocked. I sure hope someone is jamming to my CD's otherwise it was a waste.

Steve Cotton said...

Gloria -- THanks for the additional music site.

Brenda -- Nice to know the hyperlink works in Guaymas.

Babs -- I am with you. Losing things is not the same as being violated. You may have brouht joy to someone else -- your life's mission.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending me to Babs' blog. I had missed that entry. I thank John for explaining the different wave file sizes (Hubby tried, it didn't soak in, except MP3s were unacceptable.) And I also, thank Michael for getting John started and Babs for hosting the conversation. I think understand the 'why' better behind Hubby's feelings about squeezing the music collection to a smaller size for our travels. Judy

American Mommy in Mexico said...

I also love the pic! I watched John Wayne movies with my Grandfather while growing up.