Sunday, February 08, 2009

mates with class

I had lunch on Saturday with over 20 of my high school classmates -- and a few spouses.

We have met several times since our fortieth reunion two years ago -- mainly for lunches. Every gathering has had a different mix of classmates. And I have been excited to see each of them and catch up on what we have all been doing.

The most popular activity is conversation. Some silly. Some philosophical. But all good natured.

I have discovered a sure-fire way to change the topic amongst this group: just pull out one of the many yearbooks or group pictures in which we starred. Most of my classmates went to school together from kindergarten through high school. I did not join the stream until the fourth grade.

I found the booklet that contains the scan at the top of this post when my brother and I moved my mother from her last house. I almost threw it away. Now, I am glad I did not.

We passed it around, inducing tale after tale -- some of which probably have the additional allure of being true. It is amazing what you learn about classmates decades later.

This will most likely be my last meeting with the full group. Of course, I expect to see several of them in Mexico.


Michael Dickson said...

I see little Stevie! And the guy at the top left obviously was held back about 25 times. He shaves.

Babs said...

I'm SO glad you have stayed in touch - it adds so much to the richness of the fabric of life, IMHO.
I find that the farther it gets from when we graduated, the more fun we have - no need to impress, just grateful for who is alive!
Oh, and it was SUCH an innocent time....the most daring thing was climbing the water tower and getting back down.......(I was lookout so I didn't have to climb) Smart huh?

glorv1 said...

It didn't take me long to figure out where you were in the pic. Right at the top alongside what must have been your teacher. How cute. Have a great week.

Larry Lambert said...

Love the bow tie! Obviously a lawyer in the making.

Larry Lambert, Mazatlan

Anonymous said...

It is always fun to look back at old pictures. I recognized you & Jane Iverson, but none of the others. I've been getting together every summer with some of the gals from Putnam. We always have such a great time catching up & we all decided that once a year isn't enough. So last weekend we met at Weatherfords in Oregon City and had a great lunch. Steph said she send you some possible dates to get together.

Steve Cotton said...

Michael -- I suspect you made a direct hit. Yesterday we laughed at what type of kid would wear a white dinner jacket in the 7th grade? Darwin would say I should be extinct.

Babs -- You are correct. All (or most) of the pretence is gone. And it does seem innocent now.

At church today, a 7th grader told me that one of his classmates had been "busted" -- for selling drugs to 7th and 6th graders. I almost wept. I can be so naive at times.

Gloria -- Good eye. I was such a teacher's pet. No rebel I.

Larry -- I am certainly an obvious target.

"Anonymous" -- And your picture is on the next page back. In the same row as Miss Dix. I suggested the 21st. I hope it works out.

Cory said...

It is funny you post such a pic. Just last week I posted some pics of my own of elementary & Jr Hi classes on Facebook. It has been fun to receive back comments from 2nd grade classmates some 30+ years later.

Steve Cotton said...

Cory -- It must be a family thing. Of course, if your Mom posted one, she wuld circle her picture.

Anonymous said...

Steve, guess I didn't "catch up" with everything. ha!

We really should have one more gettogether before you leave . . .

And I do hope you stay connected and let us know whenever you just might come back for a visit?? Shirley