Monday, February 23, 2009

sunday in the pew with george

I seem to have more endings than a Beethoven symphony.

You may recall that I have announced several times that one event or another would be my last public presentation at church. My last sermon. My last speech. My last lesson. And I thought each was.

On Friday morning our congregation coordinator called with news that she was looking for characters in a two-person skit -- and she immediately thought of me for one part.

My reaction was to write her immediately and tell her no. I was at an all-day law conference on Friday. I had a memorial service and a reunion dinner on Saturday. Plus I had to prepare my Sunday school lesson. There was no time to learn lines and rehearse.

I moaned to my work colleagues at lunch on Friday. Could they believe the position I was being put in? I am trying to retire!

The response was: Let's see. You are being asked to be the center of attention. In the spotlight. And your full congregation will have to stop what they are doing and watch you.

Their response? You're going to do it.

And they were correct. On Sunday morning, our little skit came off as if we had hours of rehearsal. And it fit right in with the day's service.

The only thing that concerned was the comment that I was just right for the part -- a soulless employer who cruelly fires a clueless employee -- all at the direction of the legal department. Hmmmm.

But that was my last public presentation at church. Really!

On Monday I will drive up to Portland to the Mexican Consulate to start the FM3 process.


Islagringo said...

I mean really, how could you have said no!

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

Did you bring a suitcase with all of your documents? In Seattle we had no problem at the Consulate and obtaining our FM3's. I can't wait to hear how it went for you...

Steve Cotton said...

Islandgringo -- My thoughts -- exactly!

Cynthia and Mike -- I am certain this will only be Act I of the great FM3 play.

Beth said...

Methinks the Lord doth protest too much.

Steve Cotton said...

Beth -- Chad refers to it as my Br'er Rabbit routine.