Monday, November 02, 2009

altars and friendship

My friend and fellow blogger, Gloria, has posted photographs and commentary on her Day of the Dead altar.

She has graciously included Professor Jiggs amongst her family members and pets. Jiggs would appreciate it.

I certainly do.


Anonymous said...

We all miss Jiggs!
Gone but never forgotten.

Felipe said...

Gloria is one of the better folks floating around cyberspace. I imagine the same can be said of her in real life.

Anonymous said...

what a nice picture of prof. jiggs. how nice of gloria to include him. i know he is in doggie heaven having a good old time.

have a good day steve.


Leslie Limon said...

Beautiful altar!

glorv1 said...

Thanks Steve. That was very nice of you. Mr. Jiggs will always be remembered. Have a great day.

mdoneil said...

I have Jiggs as my laptop background. He was my 'virtual dog'.

What a great idea to include Jiggs when remembering the dead.

BoBo's Mom said...

That's beautiful and very sweet of her! Great way to remember a dear friend.

BoBo's Mom said...

I also have Jiggs (the puppy picture) as my laptop background. I LOVE that photo.

Steve Cotton said...

Min -- Jiggs's legacy is secure.

Felipe -- Truly a good soul.

Teresa -- Thanks. I am glad you got to meet him.

Leslie -- A beautiful altar and a beautiful gesture.

Gloria -- All of the thanks goes to you. Felipe is correct. You are one of the beautiful souls out here in cyberspace.

Mdoneil -- Wow! He really did touch people's lives.

Steve Cotton said...

BoBo's Mom -- That puppy photograph is one of my favorites. It captured his exuberance -- and a bit of his devilish side.

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful tribute Gloria has made to Jiggs. What nice comments the fellow bloggers have written. The love for Jiggs is astounding. His memory lives on.


Steve Cotton said...

Mo -- Gloria is truly a kind soul. Jiggs was her favorite part of my blog. Mine, too.