Monday, November 23, 2009

docked and loaded

I'm home.*

After a week at sea and a week at Disneyland, I have returned to Melaque with a grab bag of mixed emotions.

Jumping at warp speed from two weeks of extreme sensory stimulation to the relative serenity of my small fishing village by the sea has been a bit disquieting (or, more accurately, ultra-quieting -- to coin a word.)

But it is not the same Melaque that I left two weeks ago. The temperature on Sunday morning was a delightful 68. Better yet, the humidity has fallen into the 60s.

Snow bird season is in full swing. Even though expatriates make up a very small portion of the population in Melaque, their pocket books change the character of the town. He who pays the piper, gets lots of piping.

Two weeks ago, the village rolled up its nets around 8. No more. Sunday morning I could hear party music throbbing across the bay until 2 AM.

That was a little surprising. Most of the northern visitors I have encountered do not strike me as the Studio 54 crowd. But someone is paying for that music.

Whoever is paying, it is a good sign. Maybe the winter season will not be as catastrophic as the local Jeremiahs have predicted. (I use the metaphor warily. After all, Jeremiah proved to be an accurate prophet.)

So, I sit on the beach. Watching the ever-splendid sunsets. Writing the never-ending blog.

But enough navel-gazing. I suspect you would like to hear a bit about the last two weeks.

And relate tales I will. But not everything. After all, each life must have some mystery.

Even the examined life.

* -- I cannot write those words without conjuring up the opening of Billie -- when Michael Crawford still sang like a Yorkshire Mickey Mouse, rather than John Raitt-lite.


Tancho said...

welcome tell us all about it!

Steve Cotton said...

Tancho -- Yes, tales will be told. But some cards may remain on the table unturned.

Richard said...

Well if you want to go to Disneyland again, you must come to San Miguel. We have the Magic Kingdom, the Topes Rides, lots of parades, people dressed in costumes, and lots and lots of mystery.

Babs said...

Someting held back is always important - if there IS something to hold back........ha. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

welcome home! i just told steve that his morning competition is back ;-) he can have his breakfast and do his bible reading while i read your blog. looking forward to hearing about your adventures.


el jubilado said...

He's baaaak ... must feel good

Up here the mornings are in the low 40's with no humidity so I'm familarizing myself with clothes and blankets again

Hope to make a short trip down in a few weeks

Vanya said...

Good to see you back Steve!

Christine said...

AT Last!

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Yay! You're back.
Now spill it. All of it! Especially the juicy parts!!!

Steve Cotton said...

Richard -- If I start Jonesing for Disney, I will know where to go for my next fix.

Babs -- Interesting philosophical point. If something is held back, who is to know?

Teresa -- Glad to be part of the morning tradition.

El Jubilao -- Stop by when you get over this way. I would be interested in hearing your impressions.

Vanya -- Good to be back. How is your new home?

Chistine -- It was a long hiatus.

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Hahaha, John Raitt-lite. Good one.

Steve Cotton said...

Mexican Trailrunner -- If I were to spill it all, I would lose my Man of Mystery allure. I am glad you liked the Raitt-lite comment. Rather proud of that.

Chrissy y Keith said...

I thought you would be in for a change when you arrived back in Melaque. I know that 4 of my close friends are there right now. I think your observation about the Northern Visitors is correct in that they usually are not the disco type. My thoughts are the money that they leave in their wake provides the disco type locals with some dancing cash.

Joe S. said...

Steve I was suprised at the withdrawal I was going thru. Began to worry, where would the obit be posted... L.A., Salem, Portland? Anyway, I'm looking forward to the description of winter living in Mexico.

Islagringo said...

So glad you are back. Your abscence left a hole in the blogger void. Can't wait to hear of your adventures on the high seas!

Irene said...

Nice to have you back in "blog world". Does "It's A Small World" still play incessantly at Disneyland?

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

Welcome back! It is partly cloudy, sunny and chilly today in Salem. Perfect for a movie at Northern Lights tonight!

Steve Cotton said...

Chrissy -- It was a welcome change. Warmer than LA, but nice.

Joe -- Still alive and kicking -- and writing.

Islagringo -- Some tales are on the way.

Irene -- Fortunately, that Dastardly Tune plays only once or twice during the day -- unless you are hooked into the ride itself.

Cynthia -- Enjoy the movie.

Darrel said...

I took a poll (much like “which rental poll”) where only one vote counts. I have come to the conclusion that you will never be allowed to take a vacation again. How in the world do you expect me live my “virtual retirement” if I’m not getting daily posts.

Charles said...

Steve - welcome home - it does kind of feel like home after being immersed in Disney/USA for two weeks..yes? "I'm home" reminds me of I Love Lucy -

Anonymous said...

Hola Steve,

Glad to see you back.

What you've had is the "Unrest Cure," which is also the title of a short story by the English humorist, Saki (HH Munro). If you aren't familiar with him, I think you'll enjoy his work.

You can find the story on the web here:


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we could really use six quiet months at the beach. Really.

glorv1 said...

Hi Steve. Glad you are back. Hope your journey and it's memories keep you warm and happy. Nice to see you.

Steve Cotton said...

Darrel -- Even if I come home for Christmas?

Charles -- I love the Lucy reference.

Kim -- You have not led me wrong in the past. I will take a look.

Gloria -- The memories are already almost gone. That is why I need to get my posts written.