Sunday, November 08, 2009

sailing out

Three million people in the City of Angels according to the last census, easily half of them up to something they don't want the other half to know. We all get sucked in by the lobby. Palm trees finger the sky and there's enough sunshine to lay off some on Pittsburgh. But that's all on the top. L.A., truth to tell's, not much different than a pretty girl with the clap.

Some opening lines from plays summarize a place in few words. Prose poems.

And what better introduction to Los Angeles than City of Angels?

I flew up from Melaque this afternoon. Great flight. Sat next to an interesting couple from Alberta who live in a neighboring town. We actually made arrangements to meet when we return.

But my goal tonight is to simply settle down, get some rest, and head off to the ship in the morning.

Then, I should have more to say.


Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage! Senor, I love the water, just not that many shipmates. I am curious about the entertainment, the ports you will visit and the epicurean delights you will be offered. Also, an added bonus, single women travel alot these days!.
Bueno Suerte

Karen said...

Oh my goodness I missed a couple days and you are off to LA and then cruising. Sounds like a great time and I hope you enjoy Disney Land. I have always loved the original Disney Land, very old school. Wishing you tons of fun!!

Felipe said...

You look more svelte.

Anonymous said...

i'm so excited for you! the ports of call on your cruise are the first 3 places we visited in mexico, although we flew there. have a wonderful time and enjoy some of that chocolate for me ;-)


Chrissy y Keith said...

I love the photo of your new HQ.

Arnie B said...

"California's like a beautiful, wild... beautiful, wild girl on heroin... who's high as a kite, thinkin' she's on top of the world, not knowing she's dying even if you show her the marks"

motorcyle boy

Robyn said...

Great opening! Hope you have a good time. I will say I find it funny you live in Mexico, flew to LA to go to Mexico! I do understand the friend thing and thus it is not so weird.
What town did the folks from Canada live in? The reason I ask is because we have neighbors from there in Platanitos. Funny if it was them.
You will have to make your way north someday and see Platanitos and our beaches!

glorv1 said...

Bon Voyage Steve! Totally enjoy yourself and from the way you are looking in that mirror, the girls will be heading your way. Take care.

Brenda said...

Naturally the couple from Alberta were interesting, we all are lol.
Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

I wondered where the new Economic Royalists hid out, and now I know. On cruise ships, hob-nobbing with them what's important.

A. N. Moose

PS: On shore, they run about in Cadillacs with the their tops down.

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

We've never cruised...yet. Convince us.

Irene said...

The ocean is the best place to be, but I guess you know that. We look forward to lots of pictures and good stories.

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles? Yeah, there's a lotta Mexicans there, but when you gonna see the rest of Mexico, dude?


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we can tell this effort to get you out into the rest of Mexico will have to be sustained.

Anonymous said...

Happy Veteran's Day Steve. i know you probably won't read this for a while but i just want to thank you for your service to our country.

can't wait to hear all about the cruise.


Adrienne said...

Silence is golden, golden...perhaps it's good to be off the grid. But you're probably drafting messages as you go, and will post them en masse on your return. Egads, we'll be bound to your missives for at least a fortnight - good reading during these blustery days of November in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

hi steve,

having "same life, new location" blog reading withdrawals. can't wait to hear from you. hope you said hi to mickey for me ;-)


kgroener said...

Okay, we are all having withdrawals. We hope to get a lot of mileage out of this cruise. We know you have so many stories to share with us. Can't wait!!