Friday, November 06, 2009

zoom with a view

Nancy (of Countdown to Mexico) commented yesterday that I should have included photographs in yesterday's post about my new camera.

Great idea. I wish I had thought of it.

I sorted through my output over the past month -- trying to choose examples of shots that have made a difference with the new camera.

The photograph at the top is an example. My prior camera did not have the pixels to pick up the details of Salem's tallest building -- or the textural variations in the Autumn sky.

This is a sentimental favorite. It is impossible to miss this dog on the beach. He is the class clown.

If he is not worrying a coconut shell to death, he is pestering strangers to throw it into the sea where he will retrieve it. Again. And again. And again.

But, more than that, he simply likes to dig holes in the beach. Simply because he can. In this shot, I used a sports setting with a high speed shutter in the macro. My old camera could not have captured the sand as the dog tossed it out of his excavation.

OK. Some of you are thinking this is just the dog I need to adopt. But he does not want to be adopted. He has friends everywhere, and no desire to be anyone's dog. He is his own.

I wish I could remember the setting I used for this shot. I simply liked the combination of the horizontal driftwood matched with the sea's horizon. I was also impressed with the different hues of blue that the camera was able to distinguish.

The 18X optical zoom tied with its 12 megapixel capture picks up some interesting detail. This shot is the highest point on a war memorial -- a hand grenade held aloft. I took it at full zoom.

This is another zoom picture, but it illustrates a different point. On full zoom, the heron was only a small portion of the photograph. After severe cropping, I ended up with a photograph that looks as if the image filled the view finder. This works only because of the megapixel capacity.

This was a tricky shot.

I hate getting too close to people when I am shooting. For some reason, I dislike being intrusive. But I was close enough to this couple not to need my zoom. I include it because of the color and detail.

There are bloggers amongst us who rail at closeup photographs of flowers.

Well, this bud's for you.

Abraham Lincoln once said: "People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like." That is true of the closeup macro on my new camera. Lots of options. Lots of good results. Just look at the rain drops.

So, there is a little bit of what comes out of this new camera. I trust you will be seeing more in the very near future.

No matter where I am.


Anonymous said...

great shots steve! my favorites are the dog, the bird and the flower. guess i love nature. you're right, i did have that thought about the dog.

can't wait to hear about your upcoming trip.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the excellent photos, they were enjoyed with my morning coffee. I'm looking forward to more in your future posts.

Chrissy y Keith said...

Steve, are you using the ArcSoft Software that Panasonic sent with the camera? If so, I cannot find the cropping feature.

Felipe said...

Now you´ve inspired me to get that camera. I wish I were a rich ex-lawyer.

And people who put closeups of flowers on the internet should be tortured, cut open while alive, filled with flowers, and stitched back up.

Christine said...

IMHO, The camera was worth the money just for that heron shot alone!

Islagringo said...

Absolutely fantastic! I think I'm jealous. I think it's about time that I trade in my point and shoot for something like yours. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your photography.

DanaJ said...

did Abe really say that?

Steve Cotton said...

Teresa -- I thought you would be one of the dog adoption crowd. Someday.

Francisco -- It was a fun project.

Chrissy -- I use Picasa.

Felipe -- The camera is great. Even with those blasted flower closeups.

Christine -- I wish I could pull in those nature shots just a bit more. But they will do.

Islagringo -- You are most welcome. I am gad I took the step.

DanaJ -- So they say.

maria luz said...

Now my older, and now discontinued, Konica Minolta digital seems totally inadequate, even though I do get some very nice shots.

The details in your shots is astounding!!! Plus,like Felipe, you have a very good eye. Anyway, he is way off on the flower stuff! Carry on. :~)

Hmmmpph! Now I have to decide between a new camera and some pricey Zapotec rugs sometime n the near future. I think I know the answer. Phooey! Can't have everything!


- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Wow! I'm a believer. It IS worth the extra moneda.

Hmm, wish I was a rich/or had a rich anything so I could buy one too!

I use Picasa too and find it quite good for what it is.

Looking forward to many more pics, and hope you will disclose some of the details of the shot again so we can appreciate your new camera and your skills.

Calypso said...

Excellent photos Amigo.

glorv1 said...

I like that camera too. I'm not rich though. I can still buy it though. I'm just not a good photo taker, like you and Billie and on and on and on. My hands shake when I take pictures. It's not I'm old or anything, although I do have a few years on me....oh well I'm done. See you later Steve and have a good outing wherever you go. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots! You may inspire me to buy the same camera. It'd be cheaper than the new lens I'm eying for my DSLR, and frankly, the pictures you've taken are pretty close in quality to what I'm taking with a much more expensive camera.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we love taking pictures.

Anonymous said...

OK, I just have to add this. For less than $400, that's an amazingly good camera. I've clicked your photos to get the full-resolution, copied them into Photoshop, and looked at them very closely.

Lens is excellent, and the noise from the sensor is well-controlled.

It matches up disturbingly well to my Canon EOS 30D, which with lens, cost multiples of what you paid.


Kim G
Boston, MA

Anonymous said...

"This bud's for you"?

Doctor, your puns are showing.