Friday, December 31, 2010

something borrowed -- something new

I love change.

The fact that I have chosen the unpredictability of living in Mexico, rather than reading in my hot tub in Salem, should be proof of something.  I came here for change, and change I have found.

One thing in my life has resisted change, though.  The title of this blog.

But that is about to change, as well.  Tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you for your title suggestions (titleless in mexico).  They helped me to decide where this blog should go in the new year.

Check tomorrow -- if you choose.

Whether or not you check in tomorrow, I hope all of you have good years for the rest of your lives.

And that is something I do not want to change.


tancho said...

oh, oh, Change.....I'm all for change, just like the Change we have lost from our pockets, because of the Change in Washington, which really was no change from the Change we were expecting from the last Change of leadership which was disappointing change from before.
So go ahead and Change , and we will see if there is any real Change other than less Change for you and me.
On the other hand, wishing you no change to your peaceful and cheerful attitude of life and experiences at your new home for the upcoming year. Meanwhile I will try and keep my glass from emptying out any more than it already has, while watching you looking at your glass from not filling up more past the half way mark!
Unlike others I can wait for the Change......

Jonna said...

Happy New Year my friend, I hope 2011 is wonderful and full of delightful new experiences for you.

Justpeachy1955 said...

What Fun, I am sure glad I was led to  your blog. I'm in exciting times myself, tween jobs and homes * grin*

For the first time in  my  life I am free to go.. do.. be.. anything I want