Wednesday, December 29, 2010

mea culpa

If you have submitted a comment to same life -- new location in the past, your email in-box may look like the ghost of comments past.

I switched over to Disqus as my comment application, at the suggestion of Gary Denness.  I liked the look of it on his site, and I have heard it is better at filtering out the ton of spam comments I have been receiving lately.  I think I now know how one of those Boston censors must have experienced.

For whatever reason, your old comments were forwarded to you.  And I do not know why.  But I apologize for sending your marvelous thoughts back to you.

Consider it an early new year's present -- to share witticisms you may have long ago forgotten about.


Felipe Zapata said...

As you know, I added this comment system to my end of Mexican cyberspace yesterday. I doubt all those comments went out to folks unless they had Disqus accounts, but I could be wrong. I like Disqus. The only drawback that I see so far is that you cannot choose to receive follow-up comments to your email box. Plus, there is no comment preview, which will be bad for the spelling-challenged among us. Other than that, it's pretty nifty. Has lots of bells and whistles, and you have to play around with it for a while to get it the way you want it.

Steve Cotton said...

You may be correct about the Disqus account connection. I haven't received any other responses. Just from you and Gary.

It looks like a good application -- but for the limitations you already noted. And the reply box appears to be a bit squirrely.

Gary Denness said...

I know I evangelise Disqus an awful lot, but I actually don't run it! Can't, which is a shame. If I could, I would. I used to when I was on Blogger. But's commenting system is awfully similar. Not quite as good. But sufficient. I do regularly consider moving over to solely to be able to install Disqus again.

Stick with Disqus. It has some haters, but all techy things do. Some people give up on it too quickly. It's a proper piece of kit, and proper pieces of kit have to be learned, tinkered with and enjoyed!

Don Felipe has already discovered one boon - the White List. The ability to give regular commenters of his choosing 'instant comment' rights. No need to moderate friends and that. There are other boons.

Steve Cotton said...

Felipe just told me about the White List. I am about to put it into practice.

As for patience, I am developing that attribute.

Gary Denness said...

I did mention this on your own blog, but you can choose to subscribe to comments by email. The box is just up there a few inches! But it's occured to me that maybe, perhaps, the box isn't visible to you, as being the blog owner you are already automatically set to subscribe. This would surprise me, but it is one possibility if you still can't see the box.

You both get a lot of comments. The threaded comments will work well for you both. It's so much easier to respond to specific comments, maintain flow and reduce any wee bits of confusion that might seep in.

Gary Denness said...


I don't know about comment preview....I rarely do such a thing. Typos are fine with me. But I do know about spam filtering. To get the very best out of Disqus, you need to add the Akismet API. This is a teeny bit complex. First you need a account. They own Akismet. You may already have one. Then you need to get the API key - Google will help you find it. Then you need to enter the API key into the relevant Disqus box. Voila, you're done.

It's a one off time investment, and Akismet is the finest spam filter around. Worth the effort.

Steve Cotton said...

By squirrely, I mean I need to learn a new method of editing. I make typos. Lots of them. If I move my mouse back into the box before I post, the entire reply disappears. But I am not too worried. With the "edit" function, I can go back in after I post and edit. Fix those pesky errors. That function alone is worth it.

Gary Denness said...

My next recommendation is to use Google Chrome as your browser, with a decent spell checker! Although funnily enough, spell checkers are causing me problems at the moment, especially the overcorrection ones. I've been doing CV's and stuff for job hunting in London, and the damned computer has Americanized all my spellings!

Nwexican said...

If you catch yourself talking incessantly, to anyone within earshot, about the weather, your health\medications, the weather or your med's and health -- get out of the house immediately.

Steve Cotton said...

I have been having round table discussions with myself. It is time to get on the road again.

Nwexican said...

Hmmm, not sure how my post got connect to this post but what the heck..
Anyhooo, it was supposed to connect to your post for today..