Saturday, December 05, 2009

on the road with Steve

Rumors persist that your intrepid correspondent does not actually get out of the boundaries of his small fishing village by the sea.

Here is proof positive -- without the magic of PhotoShop.

My friend, Roy, his sister, Marcia, and I are strolling the ever-pleasant streets of old town Puerto Vallarta. It was a practically perfect day -- for all of us.


Anonymous said...

you look great! nice legs!!!! o.k. just cause i'm married doesn't mean i can't admire another man's good looks! oh what will people think of me? see if i care ;-)

tu amiga,

1st Mate said...

Hey, you're looking pretty svelte, amigo!

I really like Old Town PV, so picturesque along the Malecon, the river and the park. They haven't spoiled it yet, maybe they won't if they just concentrate on the Gold Zone.

Anonymous said...

Strolling down Olas old stomping grounds. I miss it so much. One day I will be there again.

Tom said...

And just look at you - all beachy and slim and trim. Looking fabUlous dahling!

Unknown said...

All that hot weather melted off the pounds I see. Good for you! I loved Puerta Vallarta when I saw it almost 15 years ago.

Islagringo said...

Whatever diet or program you are on is certainly working! Looking good my Man!

Anonymous said...

Advertising the infamous calves?


GlorV1 said...

Looks like you all are enjoying your stroll and you look happy and in good health. Yay!

Steve Cotton said...

Teresa -- Why,t hank you. Coming from a runner that is compliment, indeed.

1st Mate -- Old Town always make me feel good. I have actually started thinking of moving closer to PV.

Francisco -- A great spot to share experiences with friends.

Tom and Debi -- And feeling quite good.

Laurie -- PV has changed in the last 15 years -- a lot. But I still like it. One of my favorite west coast cities.

Islagringo -- All that good living I have been doing.

Horst -- As long as the past stays right where it is.

Gloria -- It was a delightful day with delightful friends.

Anonymous said...

Hola Steve,

Glad to see you are enjoying the delights of PV. F and I spent Semana Santa of 2009 there; had a WONDERFUL time. Except F didn't want to go dancing. But I forgave him, because he was so wonderful otherwise.

Two recommendations, one low-end (price-wise) but delightful and healthy; the other is high-end and perhaps not as healthy.

There's a vegetarian restaurant there that serves an all-you-can eat buffet for about 60 pesos if memory serves. (It's definitely cheap.) It's called Planeta Vegetariano, and it's located at Iturbide 270, between Matamoros and Hidalgo. It's a bit up the hill, away from the madding tourist crowds.

The second is a place called (don't let the name put you off), "Café des Artistes." F and I had what must have been a 4-star dinner there in an incredibly romantic garden behind the restaurant for about $112 USD including drinks, appetizers, salads, and dessert. The service, by tuxedo-wearing waiters, was impeccable, and it was one of the most memorable dinners of my life. This too is way up the hill, at Sánchez 740, between Vicario and Dominguez. You can also eat indoors if you prefer air-conditioning.

I suppose I might squeeze in a third place, Hacienda San Angel, which is a very luxe, high-end, boutique hotel located well up the hill. We didn't stay there (sadly), but had a lovely dinner there (though not quite as good as Artiste), and drinks in the afternoon. If you really want to feel pampered, drop in there for drinks in the late afternoon.

Hope you are having a blast on the Mexican coast.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where, with the first snow last night, we are increasingly envious of those in México Lindo.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I wouldn't wear shorts in either of the high-end places I mentioned. They are definitely dressy.


Kim G
Boston, MA

Steve Cotton said...

Kim -- Thanks for the tips. They will go on my list for my next venture north -- probably when I return from Christmas in Oregon. (I know. I am headed the wrong direction. My brother says they have a nice layer of snow in Bend -- just for me.)

As for the shorts advice. I thank you. However, the last time I removed my shorts to enter a high class restaurant in response to a "no shorts" rule, the staff was rather shocked. Maybe I misunderstood.