Monday, December 07, 2009

pearl harbor has a competitor

For two years, I was an only child. And then my parents turned on me.

Just short of my second birthday, my mother brought a blanket-covered competitor into our house in Powers -- my brother, Darrel.

I welcomed my new brother in typical style -- by throwing a toy truck at my mother and breaking her glasses.

That incident was followed by arrows, pellet guns, and broken violin bows. Between the two of us. By that point, our mother had reverted to her sacred position of fairy princess.

My memory says all of those violent acts were not my doing. But, hey, it's my memory and my blog. And we were boys.

But there were much better times, as well.

The best of those have come during the past decade after our father's death. The two of us have become much closer. Sharing accomplishments and losses. Drawing closer as time draws its boundaries around us.

He helped me moved to Mexico and stayed for the first month to ease my transition -- taking time away from his own family and job. And he repeatedly helps me keep my computer operating in my brine-doused beach house. Without him there would be no blog.

It has been a certain number of years since that fateful day in December when I discovered that the world did not revolve around me.

It is my brother's birthday today.

And what better time to thank him for being my best brother. My best friend.

Happy birthday, guy.


MarySF said...

December 7, 1968...S.A.T. test day at Rex guidance counselor later called me in to ask why I did so mediocre on it. Hey, I had a birthday celebration to plan. What was more important????

Joe S. said...

Happy birthday to Darrel, fellow wrestler on the Rex Putnam team, and Steve's totally dissimilar younger brother. Wow, who would of thought we'd live this long or ever weight over 135 lbs.

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute to Darrel. It warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes.


GlorV1 said...

Happy Birthday Darrel, enjoy your day. I think it was very generous of you when you helped your brother Steve to move.I thought about that as I read about the travels. Lots of memories were made, memories to treasure. Take care.

Steve, don't throw any bows and arrows at your brother, he done good by you. heheehe. Take care.

Alan said...

I, too, have a brother, who became my best friend, especially after my dad died (22 years ago?!). Since there were 13 years between us, growing up was not a time of competitionor even getting to know each other. But now, I can not image my life without him. Darrel is lucky to have a (slimmed down) brother like you. Bests to you both!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, my birthday is today also. Happy Birthday Darrel !!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Darrel! I also have a younger brother by the same name. We were best buddies from the beginning. If there was trouble to get into, it was guaranteed we were both guilty. Judy

Steve Cotton said...

Mary -- Now there is a year to be remembered.

Joe -- And you think I don't weigh 135 pounds? I do -- plus some.

Mom -- He deserves every word. I thought you were going to put those broken glasses into evidence.

Gloria -- He is a great friend, indeed.

Al -- Maybe we are lucky to have each other as brothers.

Corrine -- Twins separated at birth?

Judy -- Great tale.